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Why Invest In Crocs Business Sourced By China Crocs Manufacturers?


Since 2002, Croc, Inc Sold Over 600 million Pairs of Shoes—Let Alone The Revenue Upsurge by $411 in 2021 As They Are The Popular Pandemic Trend!

Apart from Crocs, the US footwear market is reaping over $48 billion review every year. So, how about selling some trendy shoes in wholesale and earn your share of profit too?

Most of the times, setting up of a shoe brand is seen to be a daunting task. The competition is high and trends are ever-changing. The investments are huge and the loss is tremendous too. But, on the flip side, the profits are incredibly high.

Crocs, Inc was established in 2002 yet the brand took a couple of years and some smart branding strategies to earn huge return on investment.

However, that’s the journey of a footwear brand success that too amongst the competitive US footwear market.

But, setting up a small scale local wholesale or retail shoe brand can be a great start. Not only the competition is less, but you can earn customer’s trust by offering quality, comfort and style.

As for the investments, if you are sourcing your trendy footwear from China factories, you can get small MOQs options, design customization options, private labeling options, as well as affordable manufacturing costs.

Would you still not want to step into the bandwagon? Because the apparel industry is packed with competition, investing in high quality footwear can be your savior.

If you fear the fast changing trends in footwear and being left behind, the best part about China wholesale shoe manufacturers is that they are always in search of the latest trends. If you work with a reliable China shoe factory, you will surely be provided suggestions as well as the latest designer inspired women to men shoes to stay on top of the line.

Now that you want to start an online or local wholesale or retail Crocs sandals for men, women, and children business, read on to know why they will be your best bet.

Are Crocs Profitable Investment For Shoe Business?

The EVA or foam-based clogs or crocs are utterly comfortable and lightweight shoes for men, women and children. The foam clog shoes have received huge attention after celebrities made fashion statements in their metallic gold crocs at the red carpet, tie-dye upbeat printed crocs on the stage, and plain crocs on the streets.

When half the advertisement is done, how about letting your customers know that you have designer inspired crocs at affordable rates at your outlet? Yeah, you will be saved from tons of investment on marketing.

Apart from that, Crocs, Inc generates over 9.75 billion dollars in September, 2021. Crocs are high in trend and people around you are looking up for their favorite pair, but at affordable rates.

You can invest in EVA platform crocs rather than croslites as the material is a little expensive. The EVA crocs have lower production cost and, yeah, a higher profit margin. If the manufacturing cost of bulk women fashion printed crocs is $9, you can sell them at $21-24. Each sale will bring in huge return on investment.

EVA is a highly durable, comfortable, lightweight and affordable material. The crocs are non-slip, long-lasting and have excellent dye absorption capacity for vibrant printed results.

In a nutshell, you have following benefits:

  • High profit margin
  • Low production cost
  • Less marketing need
  • On-trend fashion shoes
  • Comfortable, stylish and lightweight

Which Types of Crocs Are Top-Trending?


Your ‘ideal customer’ will determine the types of crocs you should get manufactured from crocs wholesaler manufacturers in China. Crocs were previously looked down upon as ugly clogs, but this year the designer crocs have taken a step ahead to stylize them a new way.

Here are a number of design options to opt for:

  1. DIY Embellished Crocs

DIY embellished crocs are for the high-street fashion statement makers and the ladies who prefer a blend of bling and comfort at the same time. Invest in a range of silver to gold, pearly and beaded accessories to take those basic crocs up a notch and boost your business. You can also add those luxury pointed accent studs to basic black and white crocs to get the customers raving for the new beauties.

  1. Basic White/Black Crocs

Even basic white or black crocs have been designed in multiple ways to create a luxury footwear for the minimalists. If you only sell wholesale luxury women shoes, you must get your hands on these basic crocs.

  1. Printed Crocs

Many celebrities collaborated with Crocs, Inc to flaunt tropical printed, floral printed, and a number of other funky printed crocs. The printed crocs are loud and fun compliment to plain, simple and muted outfits. They can be fashionable casual shoes to brand at your store as well as attract greater crowds. The wholesale printed crocs are not only reasonable investments but they can make trendy wearable outdoor shoes to run your errands in comfort.


  1. Chunky Chain Crocs

Chunky minimalistic chain accessories are in vogue, why wouldn’t the chunky chain crocs make a style statement too? The silver and gold luxury link chain accessorized crocs are minimalistic with a luxurious bling to them. They will surely earn huge customer attraction.

  1. Metallic Gold/Silver Crocs

One of the celebrities flaunted metallic gold crocs at the red carpet fusing the boundaries between formal and informal footwear. Thousands of people were inspired to run after crocs since them to stay in style without losing comfort.

  1. Tie-Dye Multicolored Crocs

Multicolored crocs and tie-dye crocs as well as tie-dye apparels have been a major trend this year. Even if you get a couple of tie-dye crocs to try selling at your wholesale shoe business, we bet you’d get them sold out in moments. With the right branding, the tie-dye crocs can be a huge hit in moments. If you have overall apparel business, the tie-dye multicolored printed crocs can be suggested as complimentary to tie-dye tops, bags, jewelry and apparel accessories.

  1. Faux Fur Platform Crocs

Embellished with luxury faux fur, the platform crocs can become a major attraction and a statement piece with the fur on top. Fur slides have been a major hit this year while fur crocs can be a real game changer for your store as well.


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