Why Brands Must Invest In Wholesale Crocs Charms From China?

Why Brands Must Invest In Wholesale Crocs Charms From China?

Crocs Are Now A Global Pandemic Leisurewear And Jibbitz Accessories Truly Make Them Standout!

Think of luxury casual footwear and the answer will be ‘crocs’; and with the added bling Jibbitz wholesale crocs charms, the crocs are cool streetwear popular fashion statement. Rather, the investments on advertising and reviving the trend of crocs by its company Crocs.Inc has paved way for small scale businesses, footwear brands, and at-home startups to invest in DIY wholesale crocs charms or crocs sourced from China to make bucks.

Crocs haven’t just made it to the stage with Justin Bieber branding them, but they have made it to the red carpet hot fashion too. Crocs sales doubled last quarter of the year with the added crocs charms that make them pop. Jibbitz have tremendously attracted huge audience attention leading to higher sales of clogs, revealed CFO Anne Mehlam.

Successful businessmen know when to jump into the bandwagon and follow the trends to have huge profits. Now, when half the job is done with the advertisements and branding of Crocs, why not reap your share of profits?

We all know why crocs are expensive; it’s the croslite (closed-cell resin) material that ensures comfort and softness of the sole. However, for crowds who cannot afford the branded crocs, you can be the provider of premium quality crocs or wholesale crocs charms at affordable rates.

Planning to invest your savings in a popular business venture? Crocs Jibbitz charms are the most accurate top-selling products to get the money rolling in. What’s amazing about Jibbitz crocs charms is that they let the customers personalize their shoes to their own unique tastes.

What Type of Wholesale Crocs Charms Are Popular?

Whether you are shoe brand, a shoe accessory seller, or an ETSY store owner, your chance to gain crowds with crocs charms in bulk is huge.

But, why? Wouldn’t Croc charms be out of fashion very soon?

Surprisingly, No! Not very soon and even later either. The PVC crocs charms, beaded or pearl crocs charms, national holiday themed crocs charms, rhinestone studded crocs charms are versatile accessories. These blingy, luxury Jibbitz charms are not specifically meant to adorn the clogs but can be added to bracelets, necklaces, bags, pouches, phones, and other shoes. Rather, when you get your ‘custom wholesale crocs charms’ manufactured from China, be sure to have them universally designed so they have multiple usage. That’s a great advertising catch too!

If you want to figure out what kind of wholesale Jibbitz crocs charms to buy from China, here are a few great ideas:

  • Birthday, valentines, wedding crocs charms
  • Christmas, Halloween crocs charms
  • Popular fashion symbols crocs charms
  • Pearl and rhinestone luxury symbol crocs charms
  • Yoga, religious crocs charms
  • National themed crocs charms
  • Fun PVC kids cartoon crocs charms
  • Cars, Football, Movie Heroes crocs charms
  • Hipster, anime, rappers, crocs charms (if you are a crocs seller, the added iced out Cuban chains, luxury chunky chains will make the crocs more luxurious for the Hip Hop men)

By sourcing the wholesale crocs charms from China, you can offer reasonable rates to the buyers. Whether you have an online store or a local wholesale or retail business, Jibbitz charms are great sensation for everyone who enjoys to DIY or personalize his/her accessories.

Where to Source Wholesale Jibbitz Crocs Charms From?

Although there are DIY crocs charms that are handmade, but the finesse of a luxuriously designed crocs charms is what will bring you sales. Usually, the first option to source wholesale crocs charms is from Alibaba or aliexpress from China.

China is surely excelling in quality goods production that too with huge creativity. However, most businessmen seek to work with Chinese factories to source their products at cheapest possible rates. Moreover, the Chinese wholesale manufacturers offer ODM/OEM options to let the clients private label the products or customize the products in quality and design.

Moreover, Chinese factories are greatly experienced, especially if we consider the fact that U.S. top brands had been sourcing branded footwear from China for the low prices and great quality. Another plus factor of working with China factories is that they can source raw materials from within the country that leads you to save costs on ‘imports of raw materials’.

Source your Jibbitz luxury wholesale crocs charms from China factories rather than wholesalers. Wholesalers can neither customize your designs nor ensure quality or private label your personalized designs.

By working with crocs charms manufacturing factory, you can upgrade your stores with customized designs, invest in high-fashion crocs and shoes, and much more.

At Neonice, sandal manufacturer’s factory in Guangzhou, China, you can get superior quality, bulk produced wholesale crocs charms, popular tie-dye crocs, custom printed crocs, luxury studded crocs, and more. Checkout the catalogue here.

Why Private Labelling Is Important For Branding?


A brand’s label stays with the buyer forever and can even make them returning buyers. Private labelling your personalized and customized designs is what makes them yours with copyrights reserved.

However, if you are crocs charms wholesaler or a startup brand, private labeling can be a secondary option.

Neonice—Wholesale Crocs Charms Factory

Established in 2014, Sandal manufacturers—Neonice—is a wholesale custom crocs charms manufacturer sourcing a number of local to worldwide brands with women, kids, men Jibbitz charms. The factory manufactures in wholesale crocs, women footwear, kids sandals, and more. With a team of experienced designers, trend finders, manufacturers, quality managers, and huge labor force, each year is an opportunity to source more footwear brands, startups, and wholesalers. Neonice offers very small MOQ that allows new businesses to set up their businesses with their small investments. Neonice supports small to medium scale high fashion women shoes sellers from around the globe.

Our research team is always upgrading the factories with the latest trends of the market that lets the buyers save their time of finding the latest fashions to sell. We endeavor to help you earn out of your savings and investments!

Whether you want to invest in customized wholesale crocs charms or trendy crocs shoes, get in touch with us here.

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