Where to Buy Wholesale Crocs For New Footwear Business?

Where to Buy Wholesale Crocs For New Footwear Business?

Crocs.Inc stocks took a leap by 150% this year, setting new trends around the globe in the name of ‘comfort’, ‘luxury’, and ‘personalization’.

Thus, these stats are making hundreds of investors earn profits by sourcing crocs from China and selling them locally at affordable prices.

Crocs gained huge audience attention when the ugly clogs made it to the stage and red carpet—why wouldn’t the crowds follow the trend then?

To add a cherry on top, the brand launched DIY Jibbitz crocs charms to let everyone personalize their comfy crocs.

If you are setting up a brand, run a wholesale or retail business, you must know how hot-trends impact the sales. So, make available affordable crocs by buying wholesale crocs from China.

Wholesale crocs charms are added profit to your business. In fact, Etsy sellers are hand making and DIYing crocs charms to make the ugly clogs look like a sundae. Maddock, an etsy seller, sold over 100 pairs of croc charms within months. Rather, there are a hundred more success stories around crocs and crocs charms.

The best part of retailing or wholesaling a hot-selling product is that half the ‘advertising’ job is done by the brands. All you have to work on is reaching out to your local audience to earn your profit shares.

Why Crocs Are Popular?

Crocs originated as boat shoes and are now popular footwear around the globe in hundreds of styles for men, women and children. For years, crocs were considered as ‘ugly clogs’ but now they are the popular pandemic shoes.

Moreover, crocs are super-expensive yet hot-sellers around the globe. The answer is crosslite material. The crosslite is quite expensive compared to rubber and other sole counterparts. Yet, the fact that crocs are now on the streets, loved by the social media influencers, and flaunted by the celebrities is what’s adding to their sales.

Interestingly, the crocs brand sold over 69.1 million pairs in 2020 and are confident about 2021 and years ahead.

With increased consumerism and price hikes, the footwear wholesalers and retailers are earning huge profits by investing in the popular shoes.

Why Buy Wholesale Crocs From China Manufacturers?

The revenue of China Footwear market in 2021 amounted around $58,878 million USD. Moreover, the graph is predicted to grow by 16.01% every year until 2025.

Reason being that most of the online dropshipping businesses as well as local shoe businesses source their footwear from China. Alibaba and Aliexpress has brought convenience to help connect Chinese wholesalers directly with the wholesalers or retailers around the globe.

China’s footwear industry global exports in 2016 were worth $47.2 billion that equaled around 35.5% of the total footwear global exports of that year. In fact, USA contributes largely to the exports of China’s footwear, followed by Germany, UK, Italy, France, and many major Middle Eastern countries.

Rather, China’s footwear industry is further endeavoring to create an omnichannel for exports to offer competitive rates in the domestic market. Ultimately, it will help reduce the costs without impacting the quality of exported products. By adopting an omnichannel sales strategy (the e-commerce channels) for global exports, the sellers sourcing from China is at the benefit of getting better quality products. Rather with affordable rates for higher quality hot-selling products is what brings in great profits.

Thus, sourcing your EVA wholesale crocs (not crosslites as the raw material is costly) from China at reasonable prices is a bang for your buck. In the long run, you might end up saving from the shipping costs as well.

Where to Find Reliable Crocs Wholesale Manufacturers?

Chinese Footwear Industry has been divided into 4 major clusters located mostly in the SouthEast Coaster Regions. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Guangdong Shoe Industry—Located in Guangzhou and Dongguan manufacturing medium to high quality luxury shoes.
  • Zhejiang Shoe Industry—Located in Wenzhou and Taizhou manufacturing low to medium quality shoes (mostly for the wholesalers).
  • Western Region Shoe Industry—Located in Chengdu and Chongqing manufacturing low quality popular women footwear.
  • Fourth Shoe Industry—Located in Quanzhou and Jinjiang (in Fujian) manufacturing sports shoes.

Finding a crocs wholesaler factory in China on Alibaba and Aliexpress is not recommended because most wholesalers are sourcing cheap material products from factories and reselling with a profit.

Comparatively, if you do some research to find a reliable factory like Neonice and Marcusius and many more, you can source premium quality products, customize the design and quality, and get the lowest possible prices on bulk orders.

You can find reliable Chinese footwear manufacturers at:

  • China Trade Fairs
  • LinkedIn or Facebook
  • Online Websites
  • Through Your Links In China
  • And, least of all, Alibaba and Aliexpress

If you found a few seller on Alibaba or Aliexpress, get in touch with them to ensure that they are OEM/ODM sellers. If they offer customization and private labeling, there is a greater chance that you have found a Chinese factory to work with.

Who Are Neonice—The Sandal Manufacturers?

Neonice is a custom wholesale crocs manufacturer (private label crocs manufacturer) based in JieYang, China. However, the perk of working with Neonice is that the factory caters to low to medium scale businesses and supports startups with a small budget. Neonice offers very small MOQ (minimum order quantity) to help new footwear businesses take their first step without compromising on quality.

Neonice is an OEM/ODM women fashion footwear factory manufacturing medium to high end luxury footwear in bulk. We source high quality raw materials from hundreds of factories from within China. Multiple quality checks are done before the bulk orders are processed to different countries, which is why we have built long-term relationship with multiple shoe sellers around the world.

Sandal manufacturers has a research team to find the latest footwear trends in women and kids wear to source wholesalers and retailers globally. If you are planning to start a wholesale crocs business, check out our catalogue here.

Our catalogue is minimal, but the capacity to customize designs and quality is unlimited. Get in touch to share your wholesale crocs designs or crocs charms ideas.


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