Top Trendy Custom Wholesale Crocs Accessories Suppliers Online

Top Trendy Custom Wholesale Crocs Accessories Suppliers Online

Crocs.Inc has 73% higher sales record during 2020 and the Jibbitz charms accessories to customize crocs have taken the sales to another heights in 2021.

Pandemic is the time for crocs fashion—providing perfect comfort for work from home community, entrepreneurs and what not.

If you are a wholesale who invests in the trendiest of timeless pieces, wholesale crocs accessories would be your best bet. The jibbitz charms are versatile crocs charms that let the customer accessorize their crocs their way.

If you are someone with a small budget and wish to invest in a small scale business idea, you must jump into the bandwagon now. The wholesale crocs accessories are etsy hit, shopify hit and wholesaler’s hit product through the pandemic.

Here’s a rundown on why and how wholesale crocs accessories will help you earn great profit and can be a great start for your business:

Are Crocs Still Popular 2021?

Crocs.Inc announced shutting down some of its manufacturing factories back in 2018, but they gained massive popularity during the pandemic. In fact, they are popular ‘pandemic shoes’.

Fast-forwarding to June 2021, the chunky crocs makers reported record breaking sales of $640M within 3 months compared to the same time period sales in 2020. Rather, the trend of crocs doesn’t seem to go out anytime soon. The company has invested a lot in advertisement; therefore, in spite of ‘criticism on crocs’, the brand’s sales aren’t slowing down.

The facts makes it clear that you can set up your wholesale local or online crocs business to earn your share of profits.

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Why Crocs Are Expensive?

Crocs are actually expensive for the material they are manufactured from. Moreover, they are comfortable, lightweight, and non-slip casual to streetwear clog shoes. Now that crocs have made their way to the red carpet and celebrities. But, that’s a plus point for your small scale business.

By sourcing wholesale crocs shoes from China or wholesale crocs accessories from China, you get very affordable price per pair of crocs. As crocs are trendy shoes, you surely can have comparative prices but affordable for your customers.

In fact, it’s high time to start your wholesale crocs shoes business or wholesale crocs accessories business.

Is Wholesale Crocs Accessories Business is Profitable?

Whether you invest in PVC cartoon Jibbitz crocs charms or bling crocs accessories, both are in vogue. Rather, the reason for tremendous increase in crocs sales this year is the added charm of Jibbitz crocs accessories.

Source wholesale crocs charms from reliable Chinese wholesalers at low rates to start a small business. Buying crocs charms wholesale is profitable for backpack, shoe, and bracelet charm accessories.

You can invest in a huge variety of custom crocs charms inclusive of flatback charms, bracelet charms, planar charms, clog charms, PVC charms, and backpack and wristband charms.

Another popular shoe charms option is buying holiday themed crocs charms, fashionable bling crystal crocs accessories, and beaded, chain, or gem wholesale crocs accessories.

DIY rhinestone croc charms are creative attractions for customers as they can use them in a variety of ways. They can make popular charm gifts, women men and kids charms for crocs and shoes. With a little DIY, the regular plain white, black or tie-dye crocs are transformed in streetwear stylish crocs to flaunt without compromising on the comfort.

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Where to Find Cheap Wholesale Crocs Accessories Supplier Online?

Crocs are popular Chinese footwear manufactured in bulk for workplaces, hospitals, streetwear and sleepwear. Rather, Shopify drop-shipping businesses are backed by Aliexpress and Alibaba Chinese wholesale products that are successfully running around the globe.

If you are planning to reinvest your profit at the right place in 2021, wholesale crocs accessories for buckle clog crocs are worth a shot.

However, we recommend you to source your rhinestone crocs charms from a China factory rather than the wholesalers on Alibaba and Aliexpress.


By working directly with a wholesale China crocs and charms manufacturing factory, you can have the lowest possible rates on bulk orders. Apart from that, China OEM/ODM factories offer great customization options in colors, designs, sizes, materials of the products.

A few great wholesale crocs charm theme options are:

  • Popular holiday wholesale crocs charms (Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Year and Christmas are near)
  • Timeless religious symbol charms
  • Horoscope crocs charms
  • Patriotic National charms
  • PVC cartoon charms for kids crocs
  • Love themed crocs charms
  • Event crocs charms
  • Floral and foliage decorative crocs charms

The options are endless. Make sure to have the crocs accessories charms manufactured to be universal fit. So your greatest selling point will be the universal usability of the crocs accessories for backpacks, bracelets, chains, earrings, shoes, handbags, and more.

Why Choose China Custom Wholesale Crocs Accessories Manufacturers?

Most shoe wholesalers and retailers work with Chinese manufacturers for several factors:

  • Low production cost of trendiest products
  • High profit margins
  • Extensive market research
  • Premium quality material
  • Fast bulk production rate
  • Customization
  • Private labeling

Whether you are a brand looking for new shoes or shoe accessories to add to your catalogue or you are a shoe wholesaler, you can get in touch with Neonice. Not only Neonice, the china sandal manufacturers, crocs charm accessories wholesalers but also croc manufacturers. If you plan to invest in crocs accessories right now for your shoes and bags range, you can later shift to investing in hot-selling tie-dye, printed, multicolored, rainbow crocs.

Who Are Neonice?

Neonice are custom wholesale crocs accessories manufacturers (private labeling crocs charms manufacturers) established since a decade. Sourcing the trendiest of women heels, sandals, crocs, rhinestone platforms, etc. to wholesalers around the globe, we are reliable China sandal manufacturers. Crocs are fashion shoes for men, women, and kids, which makes them a profitable investment.

Contact sandal manufacturers to share your custom crocs accessories designs and ideas so we can manufacture for you. Check out our catalogue here.


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