Top Summer Sandals Every Women Must Own in 2020

Top Summer Sandals Every Women Must Own in 2020

Top Summer Sandals Every Women Must Own in 2020

After scanning through an entire range of summer fashion apparels, we’ve got the prettiest and cutest sandal choices for this blazing, hot season.

Heeled sandals, jelly sandals, flat sandals, casual sandals, you just name it. We’ve gathered the best sandal choices for this season that would never run out of fashion. They are perfect blend of comfort and fun for your next vacation. Rather, most of these stylish summer sandals are already trending in 2020.

Here are the top super trendy summer sandals that you should own this year:

  1. Caged Sandals:

Caged Sandals

Renowned for comfort, the old-school caged sandals are gaining the popularity once again. These slingbacks cover your entire feet perfectly well without clogging it out altogether. The well-spaced straps offer sufficient room for your feet to breathe and ward off the summer heat. Rather they are the safest footwear to choose when you have non-pedicured feet. You can still stay in style when you are not getting enough time for your foot treatments.

  1. Flat Sandals:

Flat Sandals

Flat sandals are the saviors in hot summer season. The slip-on slides are mostly plain, elegant, and comfortable choice for daily wear. They are a perfect definition of comfort while lazing out at home on weekends. With a variety of colors, patterns, and embellishments available, they are the perfect allure whenever you wish to shop for new shoes.

  1. Platform Sandals:

Platform Sandals

On days when your feet are sore from stilettoes, a comfortable pair of platform sandals would be the real stars of the show. Without losing the extra inches of height, flaunt your heeled sandals this summer. From wooden to woven platforms, and stripy to strappy shoe style, these heeled sandals would become your most endeared style statement for the season.

  1. Clog Sandals:

Clog Sandals

You might not be one of those clog persons, but just try them out for once! The classic wooden soles paired with variety of pop of colours make them the perfect sandals as a delightful summer wear. The wooden soles blended with a colour variation of brown straps make an ideal and sophisticated monotonous pair for women of all ages. With slight embellishments, these sandals can rock your everyday look without overdoing it.

  1. Rubber Flip Flop Sandals:

Rubber Flip Flop Sandals

Planning for a pool party or beach party, rubber flip flops would be your best partners. Ultra-soft soles and easy to slip on, these slippers are an essential staple to your wardrobe. Available in neon colours, bow-styled design, and many more varieties, the beauty in simplicity of these flip flops cannot be overlooked. These textured, studded, or plain flip flops are unmatched varieties to own for casual wear.

  1. Jelly Sandals:

Jellies shoes

First introduced in 1982, jelly sandals have become the popular summer sandals. Versatile, comfortable, and unashamedly fun, they are undeniably extremely cute and child-like in essence. From neon colors to nudest color variations, the transparent jelly sandals have an individualistic appeal to them. Falling among the most affordable type, jelly sandals are being constantly updated with an added sophisticated flavor of regular summer shoes designs. These neon sandals are selling like hot cakes in the market now.

  1. Chunky Flatform Sandals:

Chunky Flatform Sandals

Chunky flatform sandals are versatile wardrobe staple that you can wear to festivals, beaches, and parties. Comfortable on the feet, they also provide an extra bit of elevated height. A workwear appropriate style that can pair well with a neatly tailored dress. A chunky flatform pair is the right choice that would last through several summers.

  1. Ankle Strap Stiletto Sandals:

Ankle Strap Stiletto Sandals

No matter how much the trends change, ankle strap stilettoes can never become obsolete. These fashionable style statements have an additional sex appeal. High heels carve out an accentuated chic look making your appearance a real head-turner. Rather a woman can never have enough stilettoes because each pop of color or design has an exclusive appeal.

  1. Slide Sandals:

Slide Sandals

A good pair of slide sandals are irresistible summer season pick. They are extremely comfortable wear for daily activities. The lightweight feel of slides wouldn’t weigh you down. Rather the simplistic design lets your outfit do the talking. When over-dressed for a Halloween or party theme, a matching pair of slides can be the best choice for the evening. From fur slides to decorated slides, there are many options to choose from.

  1. Strappy Heeled Sandals:

Strappy Heeled Sandals

Strappy heeled sandals are dazzling enchanters of every event, party or gathering. They have the features of traditional heels, but the style is bent more towards the casual side making them a must-have shoe for every woman out there. Without being overly exaggerated, the strappy details add to the stunning look of your wardrobe. A pair of nude strappy heels are every girl’s favorite as they can rightly replace strapless uncomfortable heels.

  1. Lace Up Flip Flop:

Lace Up Flip Flop

Lace up sandals have become popular recently due to their unique, comfortable, yet stylish design. They may demand a little extra time to lace up and for a bow-tie while putting on your feet, but the intricacy of design simply completes the look without doing much. With lace up flip flops, you have the freedom of changing styles by weaving in new laces and new patterned ribbons. Create your customized shoe design. That’s the greatest appeal of these sandals especially for women who love to add a personalized touch to everything they own.

  1. Pool Slides Sandals

Pool Slides Sandals

Believe it or not, slides haven’t always been the eye-catcher. But, now-a-days, it has turned into a major street style chic fashion. The best of the pool slides are decorated with pearls, crystals, rhinestones and sometimes punctuated with logos or have embossed lettered logos. Although basic in design, they can easily pair with any casual look. Or pair them with swimsuit for a beach or pool party to complete the swimwear look.

  1. Wedge Sandals:

Wedge Sandals

These simple ravishing beauties are an essential for your wardrobe. Pull off your look for outdoor weddings, summer soirees, and graduation parties in these stylish wedges. Cannot wear your favorite stilettoes? No need to forfeit fashion for pain. This summer, get a pair of wedges to look effortlessly stylish at all the big events.

Thinking to Sell Summer Sandals?

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