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Fur slides have been making waves in the women’s footwear industry for quite a while. From big designers to small start-ups, you will find trendy fur slides everywhere owing to the great demand. Fur slides come in a variety of designs and shapes and thus are preferred by women of all ages and groups. If you have been trying to get your hands on the best wholesale fur slides in 2021, you have landed at exactly the right place. Whether formal or casual events, the fur slides can be worn on all occasions. A wonderful startup opportunity for retailers, fur slides are here to lead the women footwear market. This article enlists the top five hot sale wholesale fur slides in 2021. But before hopping on that let’s have a little insight into the world of fur slides:




Fur slides aren’t new in the fashion scene. In fact, they have been around from quite some time and are often given titles like “ Most Comfortable Summer Shoes” or “Best Summer Shoes”. The reason is of course the comfort that these slides provide. Hence, calling fur slides the most stylish casual shoes won’t be wrong. After Rihanna’s collaboration with Puma to airport looks by various celebrities, fur slides are right now the most favorite slides around the world. After selling wholesale fur slides for years, we have come up with the reasons behind the popular demand of fur slides:


  • Easy to Wear & Lightweight: Fur slides are very lightweight hence you can wear them for longer periods of time without getting tired.


  • Elegant yet Trendy: Fur slides are elegantly designed but they always nail the casual look. So on days when you feel like keeping the casual look, you can wear these slides without thinking twice.


  • Multipurpose and Fashionable: Owing to the comfy feel of the fur slides, you can not only wear them at home but also while stepping outside. Having seen celebrities donning the fur slides on airports, Coachella, and other random events, you cannot go wrong with these multipurpose shoes.


  • Affordable: The best thing about fur slides is that they are affordable and hence can be worn by people belonging to different socio-economic groups. You can invest in more than one pair and slay your summer fashion goals.


  • Long-Lasting & Durable: Fur slides of renowned brands like neonice sandal manufacturers are quite long lasting and durable. A win-win situation as you won’t have to let go of your favorite pair of shoes anytime soon.


  • Good Retailing Option: With a high demand around the world, fur slides are a wonderful option for retailers. If you are looking to invest in the fur slides, you should place your order at Neonice today.




Among so many renowned names of Chinese wholesale fur slides, Neonice is one of the most popular in the list. There are plenty of reasons behind it like:


  • Quality: Neonice manufacturers rank number 1 when it comes to quality. They use top quality materials and pay attention to little details like insoles, outsoles, etc.


  • A low MOQ Number:Unlike other manufacturers, Neonice offers a low MQO number which is very feasible for you if you are a small or medium scale business.


  • Customization & Private Labelling:You can get the customized fur slides at Neonice and also the option of private labeling. This way you can get high quality fur slides manufactured just like your buyers want them.




Want to hype up your slides game in 2021? Here are our top 5 recommended wholesale slides in 2021:


1- Dye Fur Rhinestone Rainbow Plush Slide Sandals

Taking the fur slides one step up with these plush side sandals, neonice has totally set a new trend in the category of fur slides. Dyed fur with rhinestones embedded on them, these rainbow plush slide sandals literally look straight out of a fairytale with their unicorn theme. Giving 10/10 on comfort and style, we have ranked these chic and modern-looking dyed fur rhinestone rainbow plush slide sandals at number 1 on our list. Ideal option for ordering in bulk, this is going to be a hot seller for sure.


  • Recommended: Highly
  • Style: 10/10
  • Comfort: 10/10

Shop Here:-




2- Wholesale Zebra Print Women Fur Slides


Zebra print is the only animal print that is owned by women all around the world. Be it in the form of handbags, clothing, or footwear. Neonice has got really creative by combining zebra print with fur slides – two absolute favorites of women. An ideal option for wholesale, we have put this pair on rank number 2 because of its eye-catching design. Moreover, neonice is a name that is known for its superior manufacturing practices. so, this is definitely worth considering.


  • Recommended: Highly
  • Style: 10/10
  • Comfort: 10/10

Shop Here:-




3- Leopard Print Plush Faux Wool Fur Slides


One can never go wrong with leopard print and when it comes to footwear, leopard print becomes more attractive than ever. These leopard print faux fur slides have two styles combined in them and are absolutely hard to say no to. Same design printed on sole and fur, these leopard print fur slides are a perfect idea to order in bulk. You can customize them in any color and get a free sample on your bulk order as well.


  • Recommended: Highly
  • Style: 10/10
  • Comfort: 10/10

Shop Here:-



4- Plain Fur Women Slides with Chain


Fur slides come in various designs and shapes. And to be honest they look appealing in all of them. However, we have kept these plain fur women slides with chains on rank number 3. For those who love to add a bling factor to the accessories, these women’s slides with chains are a dream option. The chain added to the otherwise plain fur sandals makes them a perfect option for both casual and formal events.


  • Recommended: Highly
  • Style: 10/10
  • Comfort: 10/10

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5- Soft Touch Chain Faux Fur Women Slides


Fur slides are mostly seen in plain colors. But these rainbow-colored are definitely one of a kind. Having a golden chain on top makes these faux fur slides extra special. While the aesthetically pleasing fur slides will be the ideal choice for many; many may find these a bit too much. Anyways, with the right outfit and styling, one can get really creative with these.


  • Recommended: Highly
  • Style: 9/10
  • Comfort: 10/10

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With so many interesting options by Neonice, our top 5 picks are definitely going to be the hot sellers in 2021. Place your order at Neonice today for wholesale fur slides and have a memorable experience.

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