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10 Rhinestone Sandals Wholesale Manufacturers From China


Rhinestone sandals wholesale

The global women’s footwear market was worth 152.1 billion US dollars back in 2018, and was estimated to reach 220 billion US dollars by 2027.

Chinese women wholesale footwear market is the trendsetter after US luxury brands that are affordable for lower to middle class consumers.

If you are planning to set up a rhinestone sandal wholesale or retail business, here’s an honest and in-depth guide for you take your first step/first choice of a Chinese sandal factory.

Before we list down the top 10 Chinese rhinestone wholesale manufacturers, you need to know the criteria to choose a reliable sandal supplier:

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How to Pick a Reliable Chinese Rhinestone Sandal Manufacturer? 


Wholesale Rhinestone sandals

A market-expert checklist will save your from regrets later. Here we have created a checklist for you consider before picking your right Chinese flip flop wholesaler manufacturer:

  1. Location:Most of the shoe factories are located in Guangzhou, which makes them keep the rates affordable to win clients. Moreover, raw materials of shoes are mostly available in and around Guangzhou that saves the manufacturing cost of transporting raw materials.
  2. OEM/ODM Option:When you are a startup with your own designs, find a reliable factory that offers customizations and private labeling. The popular wholesale site such as Alibaba sites mostly connect you with wholesale sandal suppliers rather than the original manufacturer. They cannot increase or decrease quality and, therefore, make the costs manageable.
  3. Specialized Manufacturers:Wholesale lace and rhinestone sandal manufacturers must be specialized in what they do.
  4. Minimum MOQ:For startup wholesale shoe businesses, it’s highly recommended to look for a low MOQ from rhinestone flip flop manufacturers. It makes the manufacturing cost affordable. Pick a custom wholesale sandal manufacturing factory that supports small-scale and startup businesses to be on the safe side.
  5. Affordability:When you get in touch directly with a shoe manufacturer, you can negotiate prices on bulk orders. With no middle hands, you will surely get better prices.
  6. Profit Margin:With wholesale, trending, and highly competitive shoes, you may not be able to sell all the shoes causing zero to less profit.
  7. Quality Assurance:Only a shoe factory will ensure client satisfaction by observing strict quality control. Wholesale sandal businesses online may deceive you with fake reviews and quality may be compromised. With quality issues in your product, you cannot make a lasting client.
  8. Raw Material Changes:When you get in touch with a shoe factory, you can vary the quality (and the costs) of shoe parts—insole, outsole, fabric, etc. You can customize color and designs. It can lower or increase the manufacturing cost accordingly.

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10 Top Wholesale Rhinestone Sandal Manufacturers In China


Rhinestone wholesaler

  1. Sandal Manufacturers


Sandal manufacturers are China’s growing and trusted factory to support small to medium scale women sandal businesses. They can customize and private label shoes at affordable costs for bulk orders.


  • Located in Jieyang
  • OEM/ODM factory
  • Low MOQ to support startups
  • Quality Assurance
  • Specialize in flip flops, rhinestone platform sandals, jelly slippers, etc.
  • Customization, private labeling, and wholesale bulk orders option


  • Less Variety
  • Simplistic designs

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  1. Made in China


A wholesale supplier’s products site that helps you find the ideal shoe supplier for your small scale shoe business. You can look up terms like ‘ladies sandal manufacturer’, ‘rhinestone sandal manufacturer/supplier’, or ‘flip flop shoe manufacturer’ to find the ideal Chinese wholesale women shoe supplier.



  • Versatile shoes
  • Multiple suppliers/manufacturers
  • Customer rated sellers
  • Easy to compare prices on one site
  • Afforable rates for sandal wholesalers or retailers


  • Hard to find original shoe manufacturer or factory
  • Can be deceived by fake reviews
  • High shipping costs
  • Not exactly OEM suppliers
  • No surety of quality control
  • Common wholesale sandal designs with a highly competitive market


  1. Alibaba

Alibaba is another trusted platform to find a wholesale flip flop supplier. However, if you are not in China, you may not be able to figure out if they are distributers or manufacturers.



  • A trusted website to find Chinese wholesalers
  • Great trending sandals variety
  • Multiple suppliers, wholesalers, manufacturers
  • Customer rated
  • Easy to compare prices
  • Affordable rates for startups
  • Low to high MOQ choice


  • Cannot find shoe manufacturer or sandal factory
  • Risk of fake reviews
  • Shipping costs may be high
  • Not OEM suppliers for new shoe brands
  • Quality may be compromised
  • Difficult to rely or choose one supplier
  • Common wholesale sandal designs with a highly competitive market with less profit margin


  1. DHGate

DH-gate is another popular platform to find your wholesale slipper supplier. However, quality assurance, reliability, and research are time-consuming factors.



  • A popular website to find wholesale sandal slides
  • Vast variety—Luxury to Casual shoes
  • Competitive suppliers and wholesalers
  • Customer reviewed
  • Easy to compare prices
  • Affordable to High prices
  • Low to high MOQ choice


  • Most are wholesale suppliers not manufacturers
  • Chance of fake reviews
  • High shipping costs
  • Rare custom shoe manufacturing option
  • Rare quality checks
  • Time-taking to rely or choose one supplier
  • Market competitive wholesale sandal designs with low profit margin


  1. com


Globalsources is an emerging platform to connect shoe businesses with wholesalers, distributers, and suppliers. However, finding a reliable manufacturer who can custom create rhinestone sandal designs for you is difficult.


  • Direct contact with suppliers and wholesalers
  • Easy to compare prices
  • Client rated shoe factory
  • Affordable to high prices
  • Low to high MOQ choice
  • Can support small to large scale businesses


  • Less variety of rhinestone platform sandals
  • Mostly wholesale suppliers
  • Hard to fine sandal manufacturing factory
  • Cannot customize shoe design, quality, raw material used
  • Rare quality checks
  • Time-taking to fine a reliable Chinese sandal supplier
  • Low profit margin
  • Lack of uniqueness and custom design option


  1. Vitasino


Vitasino is an initiative to connect foreign footwear businesses with China’s largest wholesale marketplace in Guangzhou. Hire them to advice you for making a great investment for your startup brand.


  • Expert advice from market professionals
  • Interpret and translate for you
  • Handle and supervise your orders until delivery
  • Quality assurance before final payment
  • Affordable shipping costs


  • Pre-designed wholesale shoes
  • Profit margin is based on competitive shoe design
  • Not the manufacturers and footwear experts
  • Cannot negotiate a lot or customize shoes
  1. Nicecin

Nicecin is an OEM/ODM luxury shoe brands manufacturer to support high-end, well-established businesses. What’s the downside is that initial investments should be minimum for startups.


  • OEM/ODM sandal manufacturer
  • Raw material quality can be varied
  • Specialize in manufacturing flip flops, sandals, slippers
  • Customization option
  • Quality control
  • Wholesale, custom and private labeling available
  • Small advance payment and full payment after client satisfaction
  • Affordable prices
  • Quality and unique design ensures higher profit


  • Located in Fouzhou
  • A startup shoe factory—not much developed or reviewed
  • Minimum MOQ are high for a startup shoe business
  • Minimal sample variety


  1. Chinese laundry

Chinese laundry is another luxury shoes manufacturer that can probably support well-established businesses.


  • Experienced and well-established
  • Variety of shoe designs
  • Footwear distributers/wholesalers
  • Luxury collection


  • Support large scale shoe business
  • High initial investments
  • High MOQ (which isn’t recommended for a startup
  • Not the manufacturers
  1. Fancy sandal

Fancy sandal is a shoe manufacturer that offers a wide range of women footwear. They also have a huge bag variety to luxury brands.


  • Vast sandal and bag variety
  • Design and manufacture on their own
  • Specialize in manufacturing women heels, sandals, flip flops
  • Quality control
  • Trending luxury designs


  • Not so affordable for small scale shoe business
  • High designing and manufacturing costs for a sandal retailer startup
  • High MOQ
  • Supports large scale, well-established women shoe sellers or brands
  • Don’t specialize in one specific shoes


  1. Furdelawholesale

Furdelawholesale is a dropshipper and wholesaler that is a good option for startups. However, customization and specializations are definitive missing loopholes.


  • Wholesaler/drop shippers
  • Small MOQ
  • Private labeling available
  • Quick turnover


  • Quality may get compromised
  • Not the manufacturer
  • Wholesale/dropship multiple apparels (non-specialized)


Final Verdict:

Quality must be your top priority as a shoe brand. Be your customer’s trusted choice by providing quality footwear. Therefore, a trusted wholesale sandal manufacturer with minimum MOQ can be a great start to set up your shoe brand—online or local.

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