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TPR soles are thick and comfortable to keep your feet relaxed. Make you more relaxed at home.

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The square shaped open end is crafted to expose those amazing toenails of yours, while the single top grip is portable and comfortable for your foot, rendering all the support that it has to offer.

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The flexible ankle support of this faux fur slipper wholesale renders adequate support to the ankle. Meanwhile, the wide woollen grip warms up the feet giving it coverage and toenails display.

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With such faux fur slippers wholesale, it seems like having a carpet on all day long, and perfectly suits your indoors and outdoor activities for prolong usage.

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Having this glitter slide slipper wholesale guarantees a sole that won’t cause ankle ache, and will enhance your pattern of positioning and posture.

TPR Sandals Wholesale


TPR (Thermoplastic rubber) soles are common materials with amazing properties compared to hard rubber soles. TPR includes multiple terms such as SEBS, TPO, SBS, EVA, TPV, and more. TPR is a specially made polymer material that’s produced from thermoplastic SBS. SBS has properties of rubber that is processed and recycled by thermoplastic material. TPR is a preferred shoe sole material for it malleability and cheap price. Moreover, TPR soles are very lightweight, comfortable, elastic, breathable, and temperature resistant. TPR has high strength and a high friction coefficient.


Thermoplastic rubber soles are widely used in footwear industry for the manufacturing of platform shoes, rubber shoes, and wooden soles.


Advantages of TPR soles:


Most shoe retailers and TPR sandal wholesaler prefer the use of TPR sole for following plus points it has:


  • Economic and easier processing
  • Cheap production cost
  • Versatile material
  • Completely recyclable
  • Excellent comfort
  • Flexible than rubber
  • Washable and durable


TPR soles is chosen for its easy malleability and excellent physical properties to be used in men’s and children sandals. TPR soles are also used in causal to fashion women sandals. The only downside of TPR is that it can stain very easily.


Neonice Manufactures TPR Sandals


Neonice are well-known TPR sandal wholesalers that produce excellent quality men, women, and children shoes in bulk. We are professional sandal manufacturers to produce designer inspired shoes at very cheap rates for new shoe start ups around the globe. Hundreds of businesses are being sourced by Neonice for the affordable rates and minimal MOQ being offered by us. If you wish to buy in bulk wholesale TPR sandals, you can definitely find them at very reasonable costs to source your new business venture.


We are China’s trusted wholesale TPR sandal manufacturers for following reasons:


  • Cheap Rates: TPR is a softer and modified polymer form of hard rubber and is manufactured at cheap rates. In fact, most of the global startup brands sell TPR sandals to earn great profit margins. Most of the wholesale sandals around the globe have TPR soles that are lighter and softer than rubber. Without compromising quality and comfort, you can earn nice capital on sale of each shoe.
  • Minimum MOQ: With a small MOQ requirement at our Alibaba store, you can get the TPR sandals manufactured at even more low rates. However, if you develop a long term relationship and order TPR shoes in bulk, you can get huge discounts as well.
  • Customization: You can customize any of our shoes to have a TPR sole to lower the production cost of the shoes. You can also customize color, designs, etc. of the wholesale sandals with Neonice.
  • Private Labelling: Neonice privately labels the shoes to help you build a relation of trust with your customers. With a brand name on, the customer’s get a luxury feel upon wearing it. We can privately label our designs as well as your custom designs.


Get in touch with us to share your ideas of wholesale TPR sandals and slides. We are based in Guangzhou, you can visit our factories if you are in China or simply order your first samples from us that will be shipped within 24 hours of your order.

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