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All that glitter may not be gold but glitter and glam touch holds a women’s heart. Whether you are new to women shoe retail business or an experienced ladies shoe wholesaler, you would know how a little glitter can ensnare the heart of a woman. We have a whole range of rhinestone flip flops to keep a balance between minimalistic designs and glamorous vibes of it. Our wholesale rhinestone flip flops are designed after careful market trend analysis because we sources many women shoe retailers, wholesalers, and small scale brands.


If you are setting up a new wholesale or retail business, you must include rhinestone flip flops, sandals, slides, and slippers. Popular among teenagers to middle aged women, our wholesale rhinestone flip flops are designed to cater all age women. On top of it, you can get the shoes customized as per your designs to set new market trends online or locally.


What We Have to Offer?


Neonice are top ranking rhinestone flip flop wholesaler for the variety of designs and manufacturing quality they produce for global shoe retailers and wholesalers. Our rhinestones are nicely and properly fixated with top quality glues. Insole and outsoles are made from comfortable, premium quality materials to give your customer a luxury, feather-light feel upon wearing of the rhinestone flip flops.


Explore through our ever-growing range of trendiest wholesale rhinestone flip flops that will woo you at first sight and will do the same with your customers. We have:


  • Rainbow rhinestone bow-tie flip flops
  • Silver rhinestone bow-tie flip flops
  • Rhinestone jelly flip flops
  • Glitter rhinestone jelly flip flop sandal


We keep updating our trendy shoe designs to save you the trouble to do market research and find the coolest range of streetstyle shoes.


Why Prefer Neonice?


Neonice are rhinestone flip flop wholesalers sourcing shoe markets globally with top quality shoes. It has its own Alibaba store to offer the lowest MOQ for new shoe brands or startup investors to ensure the quality of the shoe. You must pick Neonice sandal manufacturers for following reasons:


  • Cheap Wholesale Sandals:Sandal manufacturers has a vision to support online and local small to medium scale sandal startups. We are among the growing Chinese wholesale rhinestone flip flops manufacturers producing trendy shoes in bulk at very cheap rates.
  • Minimal MOQ:We offer small MOQ (minimum order quantity) for startups to ensure quality and figure out which shoe design becomes the show stopper for their shop.
  • Customization:If you have hired a shoe designer or want your brand shoes customized uniquely as per your designs, chosen raw materials (insoles/outsoles), our factories are all set to turn your designs into reality.
  • Private Labelling:We offer private labelling on our wholesale rhinestone flip flops to let you market the shoes with your brand name.


Get in touch with us here and share your ideas, orders or designs with us to let us guide you with your start up or produce in bulk rhinestone flip flops in minimum time and cheap costs.


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