Ladies Wholesale Leopard Print Fur Double Strap Slides al14626

Bulk buy these hot-selling animal print furry double strap women sandals this winters to get huge sales. Comfy, warm, cozy, breathable and stylish.

Women diamond dye slippers rainbow ladies slides wholesale NEOS3018

These slippers come soft and wide upper with cool rainbow style. It has a very fine and flexible sole. OEM and wholesale service available.

Wholesale slippers with dye diamond rainbow slide sandals NEOS2222

A unique designer triple color dye PVC slipper. These are especially designed for ladies’ fashion and styling. OEM and wholesale service available.

Faux fur women dye plush ladies sandals wholesale bulk AL7239

With this big fur decor sandals wholesale, make you confirtable walking . Accept small and larger bulk sandals wholesale or sandals custom manufacturering.

Rainbow print rhinstones strap slide sandals wholesale NEOC0601

The slides are perfectly printed with new design Rainbow print that has always been fascinating and appealing for the ladies.

Rainbow rhinestone women dual straps wholesale slide sandals NEOS1929

The anti slip Technology has been used in the sole of these slides that will keep your feet locked inside the sandals and will keep your feet comfortable.

Soft touch chain faux fur women slide sandals non slip NEOS1423

Your feet deserve the sensitivity just like the roses when it comes to the slides. It is because of the reason that you work most of the time and if your feet will be relaxed then your entire body will stay relaxed.

Double straps women slides wholesale faux wool sandals 3651-2

The straps are so soft that they make your feet feel like they are inside the petals of rose. The PVC sole will keep your feet very relaxed and will overcome the tiredness.

Dye fur rhinestone rainbow plush slide sandals NEOS1119

Different sizes and color options are available so that you can opt according to your own requirement. It is guaranteed that wool won’t flatten out even if you use these flip flops more often. It’s time to try these comfortable flip flops in your

Dual dye straps double straps beach flat sandals 3606-23

These colorful patches will present a unique match for your noticeable beach outfit plus the cork sole which is extremely flattened ensures appropriate positioning and relaxation of the feet.

Dye double strap ladies sandals shinny beach sliders 3606-28

With gold sparkling dye colors displayed in arrays of rainbow pattern like spectrums, you can never be denied of that deserving attention that steps up your reputation.

Wholeasle rainbow sandals, Sandal factory


One thing that comes to mind with the word “rainbow sandals” is comfort. Rainbow sandals have been a part of shoe trends for ages now. The reason is their minimalistic, simple, and timeless design that ensures comfort and style at the same time. Rainbow sandals are a versatile shoe style that can be used for daily wear, as well as a beach party or when you step out to carry out your daily chores. Moreover, these sandals are the top choice among people for summer and are therefore in high demand all around the world. Hence, they are manufactured on a large scale in many countries including China.


Sandal manufacturers are a top rainbow sandals wholesaler in China. Offering a variety of rainbow sandals, you can easily get confused as you will want them all. At sandal manufacturers we believe, rainbow sandals aren’t meant to be basic shaped only. Hence, there is something for every group and all kinds of taste buds.


Add the right pop of color to your overall look with the help of these colorful and stylish sandals that come in different shapes and styles. Made from superior quality materials, these sandals ensure comfort and support to your feet as you make your way out in the world. From fancy rainbow sandals to casual rainbow fur slides, you will find every shape of sandals in the rainbow theme in this category.


Here is an overview of the modern and upbeat options that you can find here:


  • Rhinestone platform sandals
  • Rainbow beach sandals
  • Rainbow rhinestone flip flops
  • Rainbow ladies slides
  • Rainbow double fur sliders
  • Rainbow Rhinestone Slippers
  • Rainbow Crystal Women Sandals




Some of the reasons why rainbow sandals are the popular footwear around the world are:


  • They are totally handmade.
  • They are made of comfortable materials like rubber, nylon, faux leather, etc.
  • They are one of the most long-lasting shoes.
  • Rainbow sandals do not break off easily.
  • They feel super light on their feet.
  • They come in different trendy styles.
  • They are elegant and timeless.
  • They are the best travel shoes ever.
  • They are easy to carry and clean.
  • They are easy to take on and off.


Due to which they have an increased demand around the globe. If you are interested in becoming a retailer for rainbow sandals, you are one step away from achieving your goal. Place your order for wholesale rainbow sandals at the best rainbow sandals wholesaler i.e sandal manufacturers and get things rolling.




Affordable: Among so many names of rainbow sandals wholesalers to choose from, Sandal manufacturers give you the most affordable rates. This way you will earn a nice capital and could keep the prices affordable for your clients as well.


Customization & Private Labelling: Sandal factory allow customization as per your demands as well also allows private labeling of rainbow sandals. So you can get a bulk of sandals that will be made especially for you.

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