Platform rhinestone women home slides rhinstones slippers AL6129

The rhinestone platform slipper wholesale has a single foot grip that renders your feet in a good position and a perfect also help to exhibit your well-polished toenails.

Snake skin slippers flat ladies sandals beach sliders for girls 3606-51

The snake skin fabrics designs of these wholesale slide sandals are capable of presenting you in style, glamour, and elegance that will draw the right attention to your personality.

Leopard print strap bow leopard print tie sandals beach sliders 3606-44

If you are not just every regular slipper fan, but you desire something more than just the ordinary, then this butterfly shaped wholesale sliders slippers will add feathers to your feet.

Snake print sole transparent straps home ladies sandals 3606-11

Having transparent grips, makes it possible for these wholesale slide slippers to provide easy feet visibility for caution. Its adjustable buckles are helpful for readjustment for increased feet size and elimination of blisters.

Diamond sliders for women flat footwear for girls non slip 3606-12

With diamond embodiments and beautifully woven blue beads sown to its top, you are distinctively unique while putting on this glitter slide slipper wholesale.

Dual dye straps double straps beach flat sandals 3606-23

These colorful patches will present a unique match for your noticeable beach outfit plus the cork sole which is extremely flattened ensures appropriate positioning and relaxation of the feet.

Double bow straps ladies snake skin beach sliders 3630-2

The snake skin design comes in Red, Green, Blue colors which is capable of elevating your status and adding impeccable gracefulness to your carriage.

Dye double strap ladies sandals shinny beach sliders 3606-28

With gold sparkling dye colors displayed in arrays of rainbow pattern like spectrums, you can never be denied of that deserving attention that steps up your reputation.

Double straps fur soft touch women cotton flat sliders 3630-9

This fur slide slippers offers protection for your foot through it corky sole. With soft sole interior, comfort-ability is the watch word.

Straps fur soft touch faux cotton ladies slippers sandals 3630-5

With its caterpillar cork design this fur slide scandals can weather any storm and guarantees maximum feet protection. Having an extensible band assures adequate heels support without hurting.

Dye platform rainbow sparkling beach slide sandals AL3730

The single strip foot grip is just adequate to balance the weight of the wedge at the same time keeping the feet in its relaxed position.

Women flat fur slippers with metal chain plush platform shoes AL1136

These fur slippers wholesale has the coziest interior that makes you feel as if your foot are on your living room rug carpet, so soft and hairy.

Wholesale Platform Sandals


Platform sandals are popular and trending shoes with a blend of sports shoes and fashion shoes. Platforms are preferred by women with small heights and those who prefer comfort over style. Platforms are a great replacement for stilettoes as they can put a lot of pressure on front shoes. Platform sandals are amazing shoes to add a little height as well as support the entire sole of the wearer.


If you are opening a brand to deliver comfort and ‘comfort over style’, then you must add platform sandals rather than heels. You can get a medicated insole or cushioned soft insole to ensure comfort of the wearer through long hours of traveling, tours, adventure, and more. We have a range of fun, stylish, and trendy wholesale platform sandals to attract your clients to your brand. With comfort delivered, your shoes can be a convincing and reliable choice for the ladies to invest in them.


Want to give it a try? Visit our Alibaba store with minimum MOQs to let you put on display our platform sandals. You will see an increase of store visits and customer trust on your shoe brand.


What We Have to Offer?


We have the most amazing range of platform sandals that will surely convince you to invest in them:


  • Inspired fur platforms
  • Double strap platform
  • Quilted double strap platform
  • Woven PU leather luxury sandals
  • Chain dual strap platform sandals
  • Rhinestone studded sandals
  • Lace up chain sandals
  • Chunky chain wedges


Why Pick Neonice?


Neonice are platform sandals wholesalers that use premium quality raw materials and trendiest market-competitive designs. We create medium to ultra-soft insoles and platforms for shoe brands and wholesalers around the world. Platform sandals are everyday need for grocery shopping, adventure, camping, and more.


We are a wholesale platform sandal manufacturers who can customize the designs, prints, materials as well as colors to your liking. The perks of working with a professional Chinese shoe manufacturer is:


  • Cheap Manufacturing Cost: A china wholesaler will always keep a profit margin by buying wholesale platform shoes in bulk from the manufacturers and selling it to you. While if you directly work with shoe manufacturer, you will get even cheaper and affordable rates to earn great capital on sale of each shoe.
  • Minimum MOQs:We offer small MOQ orders for women shoe start ups to let you decide which one works the best for your shop.
  • Customization: We are not just the platform sandals wholesaler but manufacture a wide array of slides, flip flops, and heels as well. You can get your shoe customized in every aspect if you pick it from our display. Or you can also share the details of your exclusive designer shoe to let us manufacture for you.
  • Private Labelling:If you are a renowned shoe brand in your city or country, we can definitely private label our designer inspired shoes to your brand name.


Contact us here to share the designs of platform sandals or platform slides you would like us to manufacture.

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