Leopard print fur slippers sandals faux plush 3630-10

The supportive grips are soft to the foot providing maximum comfort, while the interior hairs create a welcoming and relaxed environment for your foot. It is an absolute choice for your indoor walking as well.

Double straps fur soft touch women cotton flat sliders 3630-9

This fur slide slippers offers protection for your foot through it corky sole. With soft sole interior, comfort-ability is the watch word.

Leopard print double straps fur women sandals 3630-7

This sandals fur slide is easy to put on, it’s soft expandable band behind its grips give supports to the heels of your foot without any hurting effect or blisters.

Leopard print faux fur soft plush sandals sliders 3606-31

Its fascinating leopard print is a wonder not just to behold but to feel. The soft hairy fur edges tell more of the comforting accommodation that the wholesale faux fur slippers can offer your feet.

Straps fur soft touch faux cotton ladies slippers sandals 3630-5

With its caterpillar cork design this fur slide scandals can weather any storm and guarantees maximum feet protection. Having an extensible band assures adequate heels support without hurting.

Metal chain fur women slippers dye faux ladies non slip sandals AL2825

There is the rich array of extreme fashionable glittering chains meant to add some sparkles and bring out the brilliance in your dressing.

Women fur with chain decoration plain color plush slide sandals AL1623

This wholesale fur slides slipper offers maximum warmth and coverage to the foot with its densely hairy fur exposing only a part of the toes.

Faux fur soft touch dye plush lady slide sandals AL1525

The Faux fur slippers wholesale has a single foot grip that supports the foot, and an inward ditch-like interior sole that ensures protection of the feet.

Women flat fur slippers with metal chain plush platform shoes AL1136

These fur slippers wholesale has the coziest interior that makes you feel as if your foot are on your living room rug carpet, so soft and hairy.

Women Mid-heeled Rhinestone Crystal Diamond Fur Sliders KS2313-10

The dense thick caterpillar sole of this rhinestone slipper wholesale ensures that your foot is protected from dangerous objects lying on the ground. It also ensures balancing.

Women fur slippers mid-heeled platform plush shoes KS2313-9 PVC

The double fur grip ensures that your foot are cushioned and given maximum support and positioning.

Wholesale women faux lady warm colorful plush non slip KS1905-1

Having a rocky but soft sole support is just more than ok for your feet; it gives a combined feeling that is firm but comfortable for your toes. While the fabric interior sole behind give the rest of the feet a soothing relief.

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Attract your customers at first sight with the most trending street style indoor fur slippers at affordable rates. Our designer inspired rainbow fur slippers, chain fur slides, double strap faux fur sandals and slippers, leopard print fur slides and many more will surely makes your sales spike. Ladies indoor fur slippers are making all-year round fashion statement past summers and winters to keep your sales going. Get your hands on wholesale fur slippers at affordable prices and it will never fail you if you have the best variety of trendy fur slipper at cheap rates.


At Neonice sandal manufacturers, we are the wholesale slipper factory manufacturing each wholesale fuzzy slippers carefully while ensuring quality at every step. From insole to outsole to the quality of fur used, our wholesale fluffy slippers are designed after luxury brand designs and quality is kept high to give your customer the luxury feel. We understand that a premium quality shoe with comfort ensured will be your catch for the customers to return for more. Our fur slides at cheap wholesale rates are professionally made under our strict supervision with quality ensured. In fact, we invite you to take the first small MOQ order samples to be satisfied with our quality before you get your wholesale fur slides in bulk.


Sandal manufacturer is a renowned and reliable fur slipper wholesaler in China to backup multiple local brands, wholesalers, shoe retailers, and more. As fur slides wholesale vendors, we keep our MOQ very small and price very affordable to support new shoe startups. We aim to create long-term bond of trust with our clients by providing high quality shoes made from premium raw materials. The rates can be increased or decreased based on the use of original fox fur, raccoon fur, etc. for wholesale fur slides in bulk or the use of synthetic fur.


What We Have For You?


Being professional fur slipper wholesalers, we have a wide range of fur slippers to source your wholesale or retail business. We also offer to private label the shoes with your brand. Get in touch here.


  • Double Strap Fur Slippers
  • Snake Print Fur Slippers
  • Platform Fur Slippers
  • Teddy Bear Indoor Fur Slipper
  • Panda Indoor Fur Slippers
  • Multicolored Pompom Fur Slides
  • Bow-Tie Fur Slippers


Why Choose Neonice?


  • Affordable
  • Small MOQ
  • Fast delivery globally
  • Trendy wholesale slipper designs
  • Detailed quality assurance


We at Neonice can produce casual to fancy fur slippers in bulk quantity in short time span to source your shoe business. Pick your favorite fur slides designs to hook your ladies customers this winter. These winter fashion comfy fur slippers are amongst the top searches today and will surely give a hype to your new online or local shoe business within months. You can either pick our wholesale fur slippers designs or get them customized to your preferences. We are not just the wholesale fur slipper vendors but the original fur slipper manufacturers making each of the luxury shoe under our supervision.


Want us to help your business? Want to know what’s our minimum MOQ? Want to get the most comfortable and quality shoes made in wholesale? Let us know here.

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