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This indeed is top notch creativity that is meant to display your feet, showcasing your perfectly polished toenails. The ropey upper material of this EVA slipper wholesale is made to allow your foot undeniable access to ventilation/ air.

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The firm grip support enables the foot to stay connected to this glitter slide slipper, while the flat sole enable proper standing and walking posture. The durability of the sole is guaranteed eliminating issues of wear and tear.

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EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) soles are widely used by brands now-a-days. An EVA sole is basically a plastic sole that’s far more lightweight and flexible than TPR, rubber, etc. EVA is an elastomeric polymer that has rubber like softness and flexibility without being heavy. It is a combination of vinyl acetate and ethylene to produce properties like that of rubber to create shoe soles.


The EVA bottom is super light and flexible which is a huge priority in sports shoes, running shoes, and gym shoes. We at sandal manufacturers make EVA sole men, women, and kid’s sandals in bulk that are preferred by established brands around the globe. EVA flexibility and comfort during workouts and sports is matchless. If you plan to deliver to your customer wholesale EVA sandals that are of premium quality and make them a permanent returning customer for you, you need to order EVA sandals from our Alibaba store here. We have kept minimum MOQ for you to order samples and check the quality of our EVA shoes.


Advantages of EVA Sandals


If you have a high investment budget and want to deliver comfort and quality to your customer, nothing can beat the EVA material. EVA soles are not only the preferred soles for men and women trainers but of platform sandals as well. The comfort, softness, and flexibility of EVA soles in combination with shock absorption properties adds to the usefulness of the sole.


Reasons why EVA sandals are preferable for high-end brands:


  • Highly flexible—softer than rubber and malleable soles
  • Lightweight—lighter than rubber soles. Combine it with woollen upper to make a super lightweight sandal.
  • Heat Resistant—EVA retains heat and is great for winter boots to keep your feet warm for longer
  • Shock Absorbance—EVA shoes are impact resistant and will make your outdoor venture comfortable
  • Durable Material—EVA sole sandals are far more lasting than other soles.


What We Have to Offer?


At Neonice sandal manufacturer, you can get the soles customized to EVA material. We manufacture wholesale EVA sandals to source brands and wholesale markets around the globe.


We are renowned Chinese EVA sandal wholesalers to ensure the quality of each of the shoe pair. On top of it, we support small to medium scale businesses by offering cheap manufacturing costs for bulk EVA sandal orders and small MOQ to let you ensure quality of our shoes.


Get in touch with Neonice EVA sandal wholesalers for following reasons:


  • Cheap production costs: By getting your wholesale EVA shoes in bulk from us, you can get great discount from us. With a cheap production cost, you can earn great capital of sale of each pair of shoe.
  • Customization: You can pick any of our on display sandals or provide us with your designs to have EVA soles. You can also get the color, quality, and designs customized.
  • Private Labelling: We offer private labelling option on our shoes and your exclusive designs as well. Make a lasting impression on each of your customer by private labelling the shoe.


Contact us here to get your EVA sandals made.

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