Double straps hawaii style floral bowknots slide sandals NEOS1320

The straps of these hawaii pattern slides have floral bow knots. it is very thick and so it keeps your feet relaxed. Wholesale/OEM/ODM available.

2021 women dual graffiti straps slippers graffiti style sliders NEOS2520

Whatever purpose it serves, whether indoor stay, outdoor patrol or even beach escapade, its beautiful graffiti print design speaks uniquely for it.

Rhinstones double straps buckles slide sandals wholesale NEOS1320

Rhinestone straps are very appealing for the ladies when it comes to the slides. We have introduced double strap design this time. Both of these steps have buckles so that you can adjust according to the thickness of your feet.

Double straps women sandals with floral bowknots slide sandals NEOS1319

The straps of these slides have floral bow knots. When it comes to the sole, it is very thick and so it keeps your feet relaxed. The thick sole of these slides is made of PVC material.

Dual straps women with floral bowknot slide sandals wholesale NEOS2119

These beautiful and attractive slides have dual straps sandals are called open toe slides. In this summer, you can make yourself stylish on one side and on the other side, you can keep your feet relaxed and cool.

Rhinestone slide sandals wholesale dual straps slide sandals NEOS1729

If you are looking for double strap sandals that will be comfortable to wear then these are the best for you. The straps of these slides are rhinestone and each strap are having buckle.

Double straps women slides wholesale faux wool sandals 3651-2

The straps are so soft that they make your feet feel like they are inside the petals of rose. The PVC sole will keep your feet very relaxed and will overcome the tiredness.

Leopard print faux fur slides double straps slide slippers 3651-5

Leopard print has always been trending when it comes to footwear, bodywear or even handbags. We have revised the beauty of this Leopard print in our slides.

Plain double straps fur women home faux wool slides 3651-6

The beauty of these faux wool slides is that it has double straps and both these traps are woollen. The fur slides will give your feet very soft and smooth and you will feel like your feet are covered by roses.

Dual dye rhinestone straps with buckle women ladies flat slides NEOS0530

These are the best flats to wear in the summer season and don’t worry about the color options as there are four different combinations available.

Double leopard print rhinestone strap with buckle women slides NEOS0730

Those glittering of the rhinestone are just like that of the star, announcing what you are made of, the brightness is simply irresistible. Plus, the fact that it has a rich collection of leopard skin presents some dignity.

Double floral strap with buckle slide flat cork sole beach shoes NEOS0922

Those amazing flora designs are distinctively unique, the command deserving attention to your appearance. They are an exact match for your bright looking outfit.

Wholesale double straps sandals, Double straps sandals factory


Whenever the word sandal is brought up, a double strap open-faced footwear comes into mind. A double straps sandal is known as the most common and basic shape of sandal. Known for their comfort and gripping shape, double straps sandals are equally popular among men as well as women belonging to all age groups. Even toddlers and little kids wear double straps sandals the most. When it comes to the category of double straps sandals for women, they come in various shapes and designs. Some are with rhinestones, some are plain while some come with unique prints such as python or leopard. Factories around the world make wholesale double straps sandals in huge quantities on a daily basis to cater to the high demand for popular footwear. With such demand and so many manufacturing options available, becoming a double straps sandals wholesaler is very easy nowadays.


Why Neonice Stands Out?


Factories like Neonice are experienced and famous names when it comes to wholesale double straps sandals along with many others. Buyers and retailers from all over the world choose Neonice because of the quality service that we provide. Want to know what makes us stand apart from our counterparts? Here are a few qualities that we at Neonice are very proud of:


Quality Shoes: We use superior quality materials to make sure every shoe turns out to be a masterpiece in terms of quality. From insole to outsole to straps, every part of the shoe is manufactured with care and on high-quality standards.


Free Samples on Bulk Orders: At Neonice, we believe in the satisfaction of our customers. When you place a bulk order for double straps sandals, we provide free samples at first. You can check the quality and contact back to us if you need any changes in the sample. So we can prepare the bulk order accordingly. This is something every double straps wholesaler dreams of.


Simple Process: We have kept the process of ordering at Neonice quite simple. All you need to do is pick and choose a design from our catalog and place the order while making an online payment. Our team will assist you at each point and assist with queries. You can place an order for wholesale double straps sandals from anywhere in the world.


Low MQO: many small and medium scale businesses find it difficult to order at wholesale factories because of the high MQO. At Neonice we have kept the MQO very low which is one of the reasons we are popular around the world.


Customization: If you do not like any design from our catalog you can send us a design of your choice. Or you can customize the already existing one with few amendments.


Private Labelling: Neonice offers private labeling as well. You can get the wholesale double straps sandals to customize and private label them.


What We Have to Offer?


In the category of wholesale double straps sandals here, you will find a huge variety of sandals. Some of them are:


  • Wholesale Leopard print slippers
  • PU Dual Straps Ladies fancy double strap sandals
  • Women woven double straps sandals
  • Wholesale PU Dual Straps Sandals
  • Women Platform Sandals
  • Wholesale Dual Straps Pearl Slippers
  • Double Straps with Metal Chains
  • Double Strap Hawaii style Sandals

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