Colorful diamond sandals glitter slide sandals wholesale AL9825

Comes with great style, design, and flat shape. It looks very great with premium narrow straps with chunky rhinestones appearing on the whole sandals.

Women floral design home slides bling bling sandals wholesale AL9130

Amazing flat slippers that brings comfort and stylish touch. Great on female feet with elegant finish. Narrow strip with floral patches spread on the upper.

Wholesale PVC Jelly Slippers Butterfly Decor Women Sandals KTP12018

Simplicity is conditioned to guarantees comfort. This footwear is designed with a little Heely sole base that will create the needed balancing desired by the foot.

Wholesale Women PVC Jelly Rhinestone Slippers Girls Sandals KTP12017

Simplicity is conditioned to guarantees comfort. This footwear is designed with a little Heely sole base that will create the needed balancing desired by the foot.

Plain slippers with pearl straps women sandals sliders 3688-10

With a special packaging techniques and materials the women’s slide sandals wholesale is shipped to reach your destination.

Diamond sliders for women flat footwear for girls non slip 3606-12

With diamond embodiments and beautifully woven blue beads sown to its top, you are distinctively unique while putting on this glitter slide slipper wholesale.

Rivet jelly flip flops beach sliders for girls AL47

This Wholesale flip flops comes with stunning silvery and golden rivets orderly arranged in a manner that is excellent for that your outdoor event. It is light and doesn’t create any kind of foot fatigue.

Clover diamond crystal rhinstone flip flops slide sandals HLSC28

This lady’s flip flop wholesale has a sleek interior and sole that helps to avoid dampness of foot or sole. This smooth shiny surface also gives extra luster and accommodating feel to the foot.

Transparent Rivets Strap colorful rhinestone slide sandals AL3822

With the rhinestone slide slipper wholesale, you are assured of a fun-filled pleasurable outing that it light sole can guarantee. The see-through PVC material gives a glassy view of what lies beneath your feet.

Stubs design ladies satin strap women sliders AL4135

It is a re-modification of how the leather strip scandals of roman emperors used to be, so wearing this glitter slide slipper wholesale simply confers kingship on you.

Transparent diamond flat slippers women rhinstone sliders AL4336

The diamond on this women slide slipper wholesale is amazing enough to glorify your appearance during that event. With a cooling effect on your feet, those soft interior leather soles are just the best. Though it has rubber grips, but they are firm enough to g

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With an amazing display of very rich rhinestone and rhombus segmented padded interior sole, you are just ready to hit that glamorous occasion.

Wholesale Beaded Sandals, Sandal factory


We are the trendiest of sandal manufacturers as we manufacture designer inspired sandals at very cheap rates. With a huge profit margin for you, setting up a new ladies shoe brand is no more a challenge in growing consumerist society. A higher demand of latest women shoe designs, opening a shoe store online with the trendiest of shoes will surely gain public attention.


Sandals with pretty embellishments and adornments such as rivets, gems, rhinestones, studs, beads, pearls, ribbons and flowers are what makes them stand out. We have the fanciest and trendiest of hit fashion beaded sandals and heels to allure your customer’s gazes. Our beaded sandals are made of premium quality materials and beads, rivets, gems, studs, etc. are properly fixed to the shoe upper sole. Colorful beads sandal, gold beaded sandals, rivet beaded sandals, and pearl beads sandals are a crucial need of a ladies shoe brand.


The manufacturing cost can be lowered initially by using cheaper raw materials such as PU that is high quality as well as durable. Let us know you budget and we will help you set up your shoe brand.


What We Have To Offer?


Check out our beaded sandals range here and you would be able to know the types of wholesale beaded sandals we can produce at our factories. We have:


  • Pearl bead sandals
  • Rivet bead shoes
  • Gold studs bead slides
  • Multicolored beads sandals
  • Gems and rivet slippers
  • Rivet jelly slides
  • Pearl PU leather sandals
  • Multicolored gems sandals


Neonice are beaded sandals wholesalers and manufacture the shoes in factories ensuring premium quality insoles, outsoles, and comfort level of shoes. Not only are these embellished wholesale beaded sandals in vogue globally but also these are comfortable and of top quality.


Get in Touch With Neonice:


We are China beaded sandals wholesaler along with multiple other on-trend slip ons, heels, flip flops, jelly sandals, etc. We source our raw materials from over 100 factories and inspect the quality and comfort of shoe materials. We have enthusiastic and creative team to make your designs turn into real luxury shoes. Neonice are reliable shoe manufacturers in China for several reasons:


  • Affordable: We produce our women shoes in bulk at very cheap rates. A China wholesaler supplier will keep a profit margin above the manufacturing cost, but the original manufacturer will only keep a small margin for bulk orders. Whether you are a ladies beaded sandals wholesaler or retailer, you can get the most stylish sandals are cheap rates.


  • Small Order Quantity: With a minimum MOQ for new start up investors, its very affordable to kick-start your new sandal business. We have our Alibaba store here with small MOQs on shoes.


  • Customization & Private Labelling: You can contact us here to get the shoe color, quality, and design or comfort level customized for your brand. You can also brand the shoes with your name as we offer private labelling unlike a China beaded sandal wholesaler.

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