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Matching bags and clutches will surely increase your profit margins convincing the customer to buy a bag along with the shoes too. Bags are not only about spaciousness but trendy styles as well. We keep manufacturing the highest quality bags that are durable and last for years to come. With a premium quality bag, your customer will always trust you for future purchases. Moreover, if you are providing the customer with matching shoes and bags, they do not need to go around the market for a matching set to be the next internet sensation. With similar print heels and clutch bags, you can make stunning and head turning street style fashion statements.


Neonice are wholesale bags manufacturer along with sandal production in bulk. We use water-resistant, abrasion-resistant, hardwearing PU materials rather than genuine leather. Not only is it malleable and inexpensive, it has excellent durability. PU soles are waterproof and practical footwear production material. With matching prints on shoes and bags, PU material as a base works the best as it’s lasting and lightweight.


What We Have to Offer?


Check out our range of trending animal print and PU leather bags that can pair well with our animal print wholesale shoes as well. We can customize colors and designs of the bags and clutches to help your create a brand that stands out.


  • Animal print chain shoulder bags
  • Snake print pearl handle clutch
  • Graffiti pattern mini bag
  • PU leather crossbody bag
  • Rhinestone sports bag
  • Floral print crossbody bag
  • Tie dye football shoulder bag
  • Rhinestone US Dollar Clutch
  • Multicolored transparent shoulder bag


Why Choose Neonice to Source Wholesale Bags?


We at sandal manufacturers are bags wholesalers making them available at cheap rates for wholesale markets around the world. We are shoe and bag manufacturers from years now sourcing global brands and wholesaler.


By working with Neonice, you can have:


  • Cheap production rates:Your wholesale bags will be produced at cheap rates according to your budget. If you have bigger budget, we can manufacture genuine leather bags and if you have a limited budget, we can manufacture synthetic PU leather bags that are reliable, lasting, heat and weather resistant. Based in Guangzhou, we don’t have to source raw materials from across borders or even across cities which saves on production costs.
  • All Kinds of Customization:We can customize the bags in terms of colors, shapes, designs, prints, and more. We can design bags and clutches according to your provided designs using premium quality raw materials from scratch. No Chinese wholesaler can offer customization except the professional manufacturers.
  • Private Labelling:We also offer private labelling of wholesale bags and shoes to create a lasting impression of your brand on the customer. In fact, private labelling helps the client return for more high quality products.


Let us know what types of bags and clutches you want to place in your shoe store and we would be glad to help. We can create matching bags and shoes sets so you can help the women clients find their street style outfit accessories at one place. Get in touch here.

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