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Animal print sandals are timeless luxuries to go with any outfit and indeed a wardrobe must-have for women. With matching animal printed bags, you increase the chance of making your customer to stand, stare, and even buy from you. However, there are quality differences between the wholesale bulk animal print sandals and branded luxury sandals—usually the latter is more durable. When it comes to Neonice as animal print sandals wholesaler, we blend the affordability of the luxuries and comfort without compromising on the quality of the shoe. We have a huge variety of animal printed bags and shoes making timeless classic pieces of the entire stock. In fact, we get a load of orders for wholesale animal print sandals from around the globe for the cheap manufacturing costs and superior quality of the shoe.


What We Offer?


Neonice are anima print sandals wholesalers to produce ladies trending shoes in bulk and dropship them in the minimal amount of time. We have a range of animal print slides, flip flops, beach shoes, sandals, and heels. Here’s what we have to offer:


  • Leopard print sandals
  • Zebra print sandals
  • Multi-coloured snake print heels
  • Cheetah print slides
  • Zebra print fur slides


Adorned with rhinestones, rivets, beads, golden chains, and more, the fur or PU sandals are designed to allure the onlookers. Each of our animal print slide is designed to bring in tons of complements and make a head turner street style fashion. If you are a shoe brand owner, you must add these classic luxuries to hooks the passer-by women and ensnare them to buy the pretty sandals.


Neonice Are Reliable China Manufacturers:


Neonice are experienced wholesale animal print sandal manufacturers sourcing hundreds of shoe brands globally. Our animal print women footwear are among the hot sellers at our factories. If you are looking for a china shoe manufacturer to source your business, we are a call or message away provided here to provide following benefits:


  • Cheapest Rates:Compared to thousands of animal print wholesalers you would find on Alibaba, aliexpress, etc, you will find the cheapest rates with us. We only keep a minimal margin on our shoes and offer huge discounts on bulk orders. A shoe wholesaler keep a profit margin after buying it from manufacturer (who must have had their profit too).


  • Small MOQ: We understand that small MOQs support small investments of a new start up. We also understand the need for free samples to ensure the quality of shoe before bulk orders. Check out our Alibabastore to know lowest MOQs on ladies trending sandals.


  • Customized Designs: You can either order in bulk one of our trending animal printed heels or sandals or share with us a custom design to be produced in bulk.


  • Private Labelling: We are open to private label the shoe with your brand name to build a relationship of trust between you and your customer. A wholesaler on Alibaba cannot offer these perks.


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