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Start A Wholesale Crocs Business By Sourcing From China Crocs Vendors

Wholesale crocs

Crocs are a pandemic trend, and do you know Croc, Inc generated over $640.8 million in 2020 and it was record-breaking in 2021?

Crocs received record-breaking attention since COVID-19 lockdown. Becoming the must-have footwear delivering optimum comfort, crocs are now casual choices of celebrities too.

On the contrary, the popularity of crocs can determined from the fact that the brand ‘Crocs’ is ranked number 93 in Fashion/Lifestyle/Apparel category while its ranked 9640 on a global fashion scale. Check out the unbelievable stats of the ever-growing crocs brand if you want to start a crocs business in your locality too.

With most American customers, especially from among the celebrities and influencers, crocs are setting new fashion goals around the world for every women out there ‘who prioritizes comfort’. After all, who doesn’t?

Are Crocs Profitable Picks For Wholesale Crocs Business?


Crocs net income averaged around $319 million during the past few years. Rather, the net worth of Crocs during Sept 24th, 2021 was recorded to be $9.75B. Are you still unsure of investing in Crocs—the most innovative comfortable casual footwear for women, men and children.

Moreover, what’s worth noticing is Crocs are expensive luxury footwear now. Being on top trends, the crocs have an average selling prices of $22, pricier than Deckers.

But, how much does it cost to manufacture Crocs? A pair of crocs are produced in as much as $9, leaving your with a considerable profit margin to count on.

Is Crocs Wholesale Business Profitable?

Wholesale footwear and apparel businesses flourish by following the seasonal trends, and crocs are in vogue again. A best-fit for comfort dressing fashion trends during the stay-at-home days, crocs gained huge audience.

Crocs aren’t a huge attraction for their comfort but the trendy casual crocs sandals are long-lasting as well as durable.

By selling designer-inspired printed, tie-dye, DIY accessorized, chunky chain crocs at your retail shoe brand or wholesale business, you are sure to allure the customers who prefer comfort with style.

Rather crocs have also become luxury home wear slipper sandals for ladies as they come in printed, studded, bejeweled and faux fur varieties.

Where to Find Reliable Crocs Vendors In China?

What will make your crocs sell is the quality. Be it croslites or EVA crocs, quality assurance is necessary. By finding a reasonable and reliable crocs vendor in China offering small MOQ and great quality trendy crocs, you must consider sourcing from them.

As for the city, Guangzhou is the hub of footwear Chinese factories where you can find a trustworthy shoes vendor. Sandal manufacturers, men’s formal footwear manufacturers, sneakers manufacturers and more.

  • You can look up for a reliable crocs vendor on different social media platforms such as facebook, linkedin, etc.
  • You can be a part of Chinese trade shoes to know reliable china shoes manufacturers.
  • You can find a China shoe vendor from wholesale platforms such as Alibaba and Aliexpress but the downside is that most of the sellers are wholesalers and resellers instead of manufacturers. Wholesalers are comparatively expensive than getting your shoes manufactured from the China factories. The wholesaler cannot offer design customization and private labeling of shoes.
  • You can look up on Google to find a reliable wholesale custom sandal manufacturer or crocs factory.

Finding a custom crocs vendor factory in China that manufactures the crocs will benefit your new or established shoe business in the long run.

Benefits of Starting A Crocs Wholesale Business

Investing in croslites or crocs this year will surely take your new or running shoe store to new heights.

Here are the benefits of starting an online or local wholesale crocs business:

  • Crocs are in vogue and celebrities are flaunting crocs making new streetwear fashion statements. When half the adveertissement is done, you just need to pick the trendiest of stylish crocs for your store and let the custoemrs know you have got them
  • Crocs are manufactured at very reasonable rates so you can have great profit margins
  • Crocs can be manufactured from different rubber or foam materials to lower the production costs and sell them at wholesale, affordable rates to the locals.
  • Crocs hit a perfect balance between style and comfort. Moreover, crocs are gender neutral investment. Basic to printed crocs attract a wider audience—men, women and children.
  • Crocs are breathable, lightweight, and comfortable. The platform crocs add a little height to the short-heighted buyers. These fashionable casual shoes are waterproof to be used as beach shoes

Are EVA Crocs as Comfortable As Croslites?

Croslite is a closed-cell resin material that’s lightweight and foamy. However, the raw material is comparatively expensive than EVA. EVA is an equally comfortable yet studier and durable choice for the manufacturing of crocs.

EVA foam is a highly demanded material in footwear market for manufacturing insoles, outsoles, etc. Rather, EVA foam has a range of benefits that makes an equally comfortable but affordable counterpart to croslites:

  • Very durable and long-lasting material
  • Extremely sturdy during extremely low temperatures
  • No chance of cracks or breakage under heavy stress and weight. It can withstand quite a lot of stress without becoming hard under the feet.
  • Contains the properties of UV-resistance
  • Waterproof and slip resistant
  • Resilient and maintains shape even after long-term use.
  • Can comfortably withstand compression
  • Color subsuming ability makes the EVA material take on the tie-dye colors to its last bits.

What Types of Crocs Are Hot-Sellers?

You can pick from a variety of crocs design options that are in vogue and flaunted by celebrities as well. You can invest in:

  • Basic Luxury White or Black Crocs
  • DIY Accessorized Crocs
  • Tie-Dye Printed Crocs
  • Chunky Chain Deluxe Crocs
  • Metallic Gold or Silver Crocs
  • Multicolored Or Pearl Crocs
  • Diamond Studded Crocs
  • Rivet Studded Crocs

We at sandal manufacturers are wholesale women fashion sandals, jellies, heels, slides and crocs manufacturers based in Jieyang. We offer design, color, size customization as well as private labeling your designer shoes. Explore through our wide range of affordable EVA platform wholesale crocs here and get in touch with us to help us source your business with these hot-sellers at minimum rates.


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