Sourcing Footwear from China: Are China Shoe Manufacturers The Best?

Sourcing Footwear from China: Are China Shoe Manufacturers The Best?

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China being the world’s second largest economy highlights what significant role China plays in the manufacturing of global goods production ranging from kid’s toys to bulk pharmaceutical drugs. In fact, China accounts for 35% of total global manufacturing output, as per the reports of McKinsey Global Institute.

Over the years, China has turned out to be the largest goods production market in the world producing luxury goods, automobiles, and mobile phones. Huawei and several other Apple competitive phones are manufactured in China.

Similarly, if we look at the footwear production, China is the leading footwear producer as well as exporter in the world. Until 2017 reports, China’s footwear industry has over 14,400 businesses with an average employment of about 2.6 million people.

Are Chinese Footwear Manufacturers the Best?

Chinese Footwear Manufacturers

China manufactures low-quality goods is a thing of the past. Be it shoe manufacturing companies or high-tech gadgets manufacturing industry, China has grown to new heights over time.

Adidas, Puma, Nike, and thousands of other national and international global shoe companies get their shoes manufactured in China. China shoe manufacturers offer lowest production costs for several reasons (without compromising on quality)

Because over time China’s machinery to manufacture goods is domestically made in Taiwan and the raw materials are mostly sourced from within China that reduces the total production cost.

Moreover, the shoe factories in Guangzhou China now allow the clients to perform the quality checks on their own during goods production. Nike, the leading athletic shoes company, initially sourced its shoes from China. Nike kept constant quality check on goods production and got its footwear manufactured at extremely affordable rates.

Be it leather dress shoes, synthetic leather shoes, suede shoes, PVC shoes, etc., most of the raw material is sourced from within the  largest cities of China such as Taiwan, Guangzhou, etc.

All in all, China is definitely the best footwear manufacturer in the world offering an affordable production cost compared to other countries.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Source Goods From China

Source Goods From China

Whether you are a wholesale business owner or a retailer who is looking to get high-quality good manufactured at affordable rate, there’s no better option than China.

In fact, world’s leading businesses are sourcing goods from China for a reason!

Here’s why your business should rely on China for manufacturing and sourcing goods:

  1. Cheap Labor Cost:

China has had a population explosion and homes more than 1.4 billion people, which is the top reason behind low labor costs. Although the wages are increasing, the labor force is still cheaper than that in the US and other developed countries. And, if the products are labour-intensive, China has an advantage over other countries for manufacturing the goods at cheaper costs.

For example, manufacturing shoes is a challenging job that China masters in. High-quality genuine leather is sourced from China as well as other raw materials are domestically produced. Companies sourcing their raw materials from trusted suppliers performing regular quality checks manufacture high-quality footwear products.

  1. Great Supplier Base:

As China manufactures high-end raw materials as well as industrial machinery domestically, the competition is quite tough. As a result, the companies compete by providing highest quality material to the manufacturers. Moreover, to be a part of your business, these factories are more than eager to accommodate your product specifications. The manufacturers have the machinery and expertise to offer wide range of customization available for client’s businesses.

Different regions specialise in manufacturing specific goods, for example:

Region Industry
Tianjin Textile and modern mechanics
Guangzhou Automotive, electronics, and clothing
Qingdao Machinery, building materials, metallurgy
Shenzen Telecom, computers, electronics
Shanghai automobile
Guangdong Furniture. Toys, lighting
Zhejiang Leather


  1. Economies of Scale:

China factories usually work on large scale economies since the times they have scaled up their production amount for both domestic and international market. Due to large scale production due to high domestic demand and for global export, the cost of production is significantly down. Thus, Chinese products are cheaper. Which clears the common misconception that China manufactures low-quality goods and, thus, produces cheaper goods.

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  1. Premium Domestic Infrastructure:

Since 1898, Chinese government has endeavoured to manufacture everything domestically including the infrastructure required for production. As development of infrastructure was the key focus of China’s economic development plans for years, it is now the leading manufacturer around the globe for such self-sufficiency.

Moreover, improved connectivity through rail networks, ports, airports, etc. has reduced the distances. Therefore, industries get raw materials at lower costs and at a faster pace for manufacturing finished products.

  1. Easiest to Access:

Even if you are not in China but wish to source products from China for your apparel or footwear industry, there are tons of opportunities online to approach the China manufacturers and suppliers.

To search for China suppliers and manufacturers, there are several places to look up online:

  1. Google or Bing
  2. Alibaba, Aliexpress,, etc.
  • Social media and LinkedIn
  1. Domestic Trade Shows (Especially Canton Fair and East China Fair in Guangzhou and Shanghai respectively)
  2. Global Trade Shows (International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in the US.

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China Is The Leading Footwear Manufacturer:

The Leading Footwear Manufacturer

Catering small scale to large scale companies around the world, China has become the top wholesale shoe manufacturer in competition with the US.

China has a competitive edge over other footwear manufacturers in Asia, Europe, and other continents for following reasons:

  • Leather, textile, foam, synthetic industry within China
  • Cheap manufacturing cost
  • Great quality control due to great competition
  • Cheap labor cost
  • Industrial infrastructure and machinery sourced from within China
  • Wide range of custom shoe manufacture in China

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What We Have to Offer At Sandal Manufacturers?

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