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Sandal Manufacturer

In modern times, sandals are in very high demand and especially they are very popular in those areas where the climate is warm. People want to wear sandals because they want to look cool and fashionable.

With the growth of mass shoe manufacturing and the changing trends of people, sandals are been produced in many different styles and materials. Sandals are available in many different styles, from the simple thing to the platform sandal. The term “sandal” is also known as a woman’s low cut shoe or light slipper.

Why should I Purchase Sandal?

Sandals are very easy to put on and are very easy to take off as well. You can wear sandals with or without socks and no one will care. Wearing sandals with or without socks will not affect your personality, but surely it will enhance your personality and you will look cool.

Usually, people wear sandals on a sunny day, or for an outing to the beach or maybe a casual stroll in the park with their mates. In short, sandals are for the people of every age, you can wear sandals where ever you want.

Why should I Purchase Sandal from SANDALMANUFACTURER?

The main reason that you buy from us is that the rates here in sandalmanufacturer.com are very affordable and the stuff we use in our sandals is quite good. However some of the other factors that can attract you are.

  1. All the products that are listed with their display pictures truly and match their pictures. We provide our customers with 100% original productand we do make sure customers that the stuff you have seen online will be the stuff you get.
  2. We have an array of suppliers which means wherever you are, it’s most likely that well reach you and provide you with our extra quality sandals.

Purchase All Sort of Sandals in Bulk at Cheap Rates

You can purchase all sorts of sandals in bulk form sandal shoe manufacturer. Now the question here is how our rates are so low? Well, the answer to this question is quite simple.

The rates are extremely low on our website because we value our customers and we want to make sure that the suppliers that are on this website are only those who are under extreme competition with one another. So that’s the reason, our rates are quite low.

What Sort of Sandals are Featured Here?

Sandal Manufacturer provides you with all sorts of sandals you need. Whether you want to buy wood sandals, Tatami sandals, Rope Sandals, Leather Sandals, Metallic Sandals, Wedge Women Sandals, Rubber Sandals, and Flat Sandals. We also offer sandals for the summer season and sandals that are slightly formal.

We also have Customized Sandals for you

Many times people have asked me. Does Sandal Shoe Manufacturer also provide customized sandals?

Well, the answer is Yes. Everybody has different choices and tastes and every person wants to look unique. If you want to have your unique style. Then you can customize your sandal with the way you like.

For customizing your handle, you have to understand some of the materials used in the making of a sandal.

Some Sole Materials:

  1. Natural Leather: The sole is mainly made of cow skin. Its thickness is 4-6 mm. This leather can only be used for half a year. The price of this sole is quite high. It’s very comfortable and easy to wear and has good elasticity. The only drawback of this sole is that its quite heavy.
  2. EVA Sole: Quality of EVA Sole is very good and it’s resistant to oil.
  3. PVC Sole: It’s not easy to shape by hand. It’s one of the most commonly used soles all around the world.
  4. Raw Rubber Bottom and Rubber Bottom: This type of sole is also quite heavy but very comfortable to wear and use. It’s a must-try sole.
  5. PU Bottom Sandal: It’s a lightweight sole and it’s also very cheap. It’s very easy to wear.

 Upper Material of Sandals

  1. Natural skin made Sandals: Sandals that are made of natural skin like sheepskin, snakeskin, pigskin, deerskin, horse skin, reptile skin are supposed to be very good and soft. They preserve you from heat and have moisture absorption ability. Usually, these soles are difficult to purchase because these soles are very expensive.
  2. PVC Skin made Sandals: This sole is less stretchable then naturally made sole. And it’s the price is also very low, but it doesn’t absorb moisture. It’s one of the most used soles around the world.
  3. Other PU Skins: It’s less stretchable then the previous two skins. This type of skin lies in between natural skin and PVC skin. It’s produced in very large quantity in the world.
  4. Other Tail Dragon Cloth: This type of material is greatly used in sport’s shoes. It’s very light in weight and it’s very soft also.

Custom Sandal Process

  1. You have to provide pictures, drawings, or samples of your desired sandals and you have to inform the quantity, delivery date, size, and other requirements.
  2. Then the factory will confirm the delivery date logistics method, quantity, invoice, and price according to the customer’s requirements.
  3. The customer has to pay in advance. When our work is completed and the customer confirms the first finished product, then our factory arranges the mass production.
  4. At last when the factory completes the production according to their customer’s requirements. Then the factory informs the customer to inspect the goods or inspect the goods through videos or pictures.
  5. After the inspection is done, then the customer pays the final payment and our factory arranges the delivery for the customers. So, your custom sandal is ready to wear.


Well, we have sandals for you in quite a wide-range. Sandal Manufacturer is always available for you, you can order us at any time. We can make custom sandals for you. If you want to know more about our products than you can visit our website https://www.sandalmanufacturer.com/ .If you like our products then you can place your order directly! We’ll be very glad to work with you. Thanks!


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