Flat Sandals for Women m009

These Women Flat Sandals are designed prioritizing comfort and style. Lined with beef tendon at the sole and a microfiber layer at the top, these flip flop sandals are extremely comfortable for extended periods of use.

Women’s Open Toe Flats m008

Nobody can deny the fact that open toe flats are extremely comfortable. Gone are the days when you had to compromise on style for comfort. With these stylish flip flop sandals, you can walk to your heart’s content.

Women’s Flip Flop Sandals with Flower Design m007

What makes women flat sandals great is the level of comfort that they provide. These Toe women’s personalized sandals are designed with toe thongs for superior grip and convenience.

Stylish Beaded women’s flat sandals m006

Carry your style along with you, wherever you go, with these beaded style flat sandals for women. These personalized sandals are the perfect blend of style and comfort. Available in three colors, you can sport them anywhere you want with confidence.

Floral Pattern Women’s Flat Sandals m005

Women Flat Sandals are extremely popular because of the amount of comfort they provide. They are ideal for long hours of use and make walking and driving more convenient than ever. These stylish flip flop sandals with beef tendon soles don’t just offer com

Women Flat Sandals Wholesale m004

If you are searching for stylish flat sandals that will complement any casual attire, while at the same time being extremely comfortable, these flat sandals for women are some of the best options available right now. Handmade with high-quality microfibre, the

When the sun is out and it’s time to shed your winter boots, rock this season’s cool sandals. Show off your fresh pedicure in our Women Flat Sandal, or take it a step higher with our selection of cool sandals with heels.


Our Women Flat Sandal’ s Highlights: Our design shows your taste from others, eigher sandals or sandal slipper depends on you’d like. Adjustable strap easily adjusts to the comfortable level. Anti-sliding, waterproof, easy to carry, and Women Flat Sandal with women comfortable shoes closure type.


Women’s Flat Sandals Type : Flip Flops Sandals For Women & Flat Beach Sandals.


Flat Sandal’s Occasion : casual sandal occasion, beach, shopping, party, work, driving, walking, vacation and so on. Perfect to match with : T-shirt, Shorts, Long Dress, Mini Skirts, Crop Top Tees For A Charming Look.


This cheap flat sandals can wear in two different ways: sandal and slipper, it depend on what you’d like. You can wear our casual sandal for summer on the beach or while kayaking, without worrying about ruining them. Women’s Flat sandals are handcrafted with care. Adjust the straps to a comfortable position , and the personalized sandals always follow your feet wherever you go.


Women’s flat sandal go with any outfit from jeans to dresses to swimsuits. More features of this pair of cute personalized sandals waiting for you to discover. Are You Ready to contact us? Contact us now!!

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