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This imperial pu leather possessed by this wholesale sandal slides are highly dignified, and places you up there amongst dignitaries. It is just perfect for your outdoor occasions and equally for indoor stroll.

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With a soft padded sole as this, massive comfort is guaranteed for your foot. Meanwhile the base of the sole is strong enough to carry your weight as well as protecting your foot.

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The rhombus design interior flat sole has pads that are comforting to your foot, with the flat sole beneath reinforcing the interior of this wholesale ladies slide slipper.

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This rhinestone slide sandal is an abundant of crystal display plus it also gives your foot the liberty to exercise it freedom and enjoy some fresh air.

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With an excellent fabric manner knotted and woven double foot grip, this women slide slippers wholesale have taken the center stage. This grip guarantees the feet an adequate support.

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It possesses and extra-ordinary cozy sloppy interior sole that makes your foot relaxed and comfortable. Having a foot grip that displays enriched fur is simply impeccable.

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This is an exceptional dinner classic with a rich combination of shades of colors like Yellow, Blue, Red, Pink, and coordinated in lining of brown sole and heel. These colors were displayed as if they were painted onto it by an artist.

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The flat sole is designed for ease and comfort-ability. With those soft paddings no blisters is administered to your foot.

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The soft paddings of this women slide slipper wholesale is comfort oriented to ensure that the foot is adequately pampered.

Whether you want sky-high heels or comfy jellies flats, you’ll need to select your wedding shoes before your first dress fitting so that your gown can be hemmed perfectly. When selecting your wedding shoes, consider your comfort, of course, but also your wedding venue and style. For example, if you’ll be outdoors on grass or in the sand for most of your wedding day, stiletto heels likely won’t be comfortable or appropriate—stick with the wedge shoe, customized sandals, or flats instead.


On the long list of bridal accessories to shop for to complete your wedding day ensemble, determining the best type of bridal shoe to go with your gorgeous gown—and finding the perfect pair of custom sandals—is a top priority. For some brides, it’s the ultimate fashion quest—almost perhaps even rivaling that of the search for the dress—while for other brides, scoring a solid wedding shoe is as simple as considering comfort (which is key no matter how much you value style).


What kind of comfortable wedding shoes we have?


– Cushioning or padding under the ball and the arch of the foot


– Rubber soles to help absorb shock from the ground and keep you from slipping on the dance floor


– A block heel or the wedge shoe to give you more support and put less stress on the ball of your foot


– Ample room in the toe box for more wiggle room and to prevent ingrown toenails


– A wide forefoot to accommodate feet with a larger width and people with bunions


It’s also a good idea to buy a pair wedding sandals a few months before the party so you can test them out around the house and make sure these wedding sandals don’t kill your feet. Now that you know how to shop for comfortable wedding shoes, check out these feel-good pairs.

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