Cute Bow Women’s Jelly Shoes z011

Summer is a time for fun, so don’t hold back! With these cute jelly flip flops, you can have the time of your life, while enjoying the customary comfort of flip flops.

Bow Design Womens Jelly Shoes z010

There’s no denying that women’s jelly shoes are by far the most comfortable casual footwear. Jelly flip flops are remarkably lightweight and an easy recommendation for an ideal everyday footwear.

Beaded Flowers Womens Jelly Flip Flops z009

Jelly flip flops are difficult to beat when it comes to convenience. These jelly sandals take this even further to offer a perfect blend of style and convenience.

Rhinestones Womens Jelly Flip Flops z008

These jelly flip flops for women make everyday footwear classy and stylish. Designed for those who really appreciate beautiful designs

Simple Womens Jelly Sandals z007

When it comes to comfort, jelly sandals are tough to beat. Jelly flat sandals are great to use as everyday footwear and even ideal as beach footwear, since they are made from high-quality PVC, which is resistant to water.

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Jelly sandals, flip flops, slides, and heels are in vogue around the globe. The attractive look of jelly shoes in unparalleled and it can be adorned with glitter particles and adorable prints. Brands like miniso and mimi etc are popular jelly flip flops sellers and are indeed a great attraction. Jelly flip flops and sandals are street style statements that are popular beach wear by women. Update your stock with fun, funky or glamorous jelly shoes to ensnare your customers from a look at your display shoes.


Jelly shoes are made from PVC materials in a wide variety of colors including neons, transparent, tie-dye and glitter jellies. The wholesale jelly slides are durable, lightweight, and have a jelly-like sheen. One of the top trend since 2020 is transparent jelly shoes and matching transparent clear shoulder bags. Jelly shoes are being sold by high end designer brands since early 21st century. Jelly sandals for men and women make the best beach footwear because of its waterproof PVC material.


What We Offer?


Check out our wholesale jellies section to source your shoe brand with trendiest of women and men jelly footwear. We have two main varieties of jelly shoes:


  • Women Jellies:Prominently consisting of beach wear, bathroom slippers, as well as glamorous streetwear, women jellies are in vogue everywhere.


  • Men Jellies:Men’s jellies are designed for outdoor and indoor sports. The durable sole, soft insole, slip resistance and lightweight makes the jelly shoes a great pick for men. Casual wear jellies for men are perfect for lounging around on weekends at home.


Neonice Wholesale Jelly Sandals


There are several jelly shoes wholesalers but Neonice stands out based on its experience, professionalism, and the fact they manufacture shoes at their own factories. Jelly flips flops, sandals and slides are popular among men and women, which poses a great opportunity for you to attract new customers.


We are jelly sandals wholesalers offering great options to new startup companies:


  • Cheap Production Costs: Wholesale jellies are made from cheap PVC material that great lowers the production cost. You can either sale the jellies in wholesaler or at your shoe retail brand. With small investment cost, you can earn high profit margin by selling each jelly shoes.


  • Trendy Neon Jellies: Neonice is always aware of what’s on the bandwagon around the world and is capable of producing trending designs in bulk.


  • Small MOQ Requirements: Visit out Alibaba store to get small MOQ requirement for small, initial orders. You can check the quality of shoes.


  • Fast Shipping Time: When wholesale jellies are ordered from on-display shoes, we try to ship the order within 24 hours of order placement.


  • Perform Thorough Quality Checks: Sandal manufacturers by Neonice has a dedicated team to perform quality checks on every shoe pair.


  • Customization Option: We offer shoe customization and turning your designs into reality for your brand.


  • Private Labelling: We can private label our designer-inspired shoes with your brand name to leave a lasting impression upon the buyer.

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