a band, a fabric straps or strap that fastens a low shoe or sandal slipper on the foot by passing over the instep or around the ankle. Reusable, detachable, removable, long lasting, one strap can be used on many different shoes. High quality friendly material compatible with any sizes and different shoe types.



At best, a snapped, leather shoe strap can destroy a favorite shoe’s aesthetic — those decorative buckled straps on boots and booties look sloppy and worn when damaged. At worst, a broken strap can make a shoe utterly unwearable, sandal slipper and high jelly heels often feature a functional, not merely ornamental, strap design.


Sole-Strap Repair

Step 1: Rough up the broken edge of the sole strap with a piece of sandpaper.

Step 2: Peel back as much of the sole edge as possible — at the point where the sole strap was originally inserted — and squirt glue into the opening. Let the glue dry until tacky.

Step 3: Press the sole strap edge back inside the sole and squeeze the sole closed over the strap. Place the shoe into a table clamp at the point of the repair. Clamp the point tightly and leave the shoe to sit for two days.


The best attachable ankle strap that securely attaches to your shoe. Made from different material, this durable sole strap improves the fit of loose or stretched out shoes, and transfers weight from the ball of your foot to your ankle, which is stronger and more stable.

China shoes supplier provide you with a practical solution to sole strap that slip off, blister free more comfortable walk. There’s a lot of different colours and sole strap styles available, to ensure that as many customers are as satisfied as possible. Want more information? Contact us now!

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