Wholesale Women PVC Jelly Rhinestone Slippers Girls Sandals KTP12017

Simplicity is conditioned to guarantees comfort. This footwear is designed with a little Heely sole base that will create the needed balancing desired by the foot.

Wholesale women fur flip flops faux wool slide sandals AL7619

With such faux fur slippers wholesale, it seems like having a carpet on all day long, and perfectly suits your indoors and outdoor activities for prolong usage.

Rhinestone bow crystal flip flops dazzle diamond jelly shoes AL4630

This jelly flip flops wholesale is fashioned in such a way as to avoid swollen foot. Its interior sole is softly padded to accommodate the feet and ensure comfort.

Transparent dye women rhinestone dazzle with brilliance crystal sliders HLSC30

The tip is squarely pointed to get over obstacles thus avoiding your toes from hitting any hard object on the way. It interior has a cool though firm effect on your foot. With a flat but strong sole base your foot protection is guaranteed.

Satin bow strap women flip flops plain jelllies slippers HLSC511

Those flower looking cotton Bow designs of this flip flop jelly slippers can come in different colors like Black, Pink, Blue, Red, and Beige.

Women Dye Flip Flops Jellies Rainbow Rhinstone Slippers HLS0112

With this kind of fanciful multi-coloured sole this rhinestone slide sandals wholesale is explicitly acceptable. Its rhinestone serenaded edges are an amazing concept to look out for.

Solid color square ladies flip-flops flat women slippers HLS019-5

This jelly flip flops slipper is quite simple but complexly creative. The combined square and curved shape is exclusively uncommon, and very captivating.

Flat Shoes Women's Flip Flops Sandals Indoor Slippers KTP145012

The bow design also brings in extra glamour, looking exactly like a rainbow display. The extremely light sole make it easy for your foot during movement.it see through nature is another unique quality to behold

Jelly Sandals Candy Sandals Lady Outdoor Jelly Slippers KTP10016

This Jelly flip flops wholesale is one with a remarkable and appealing design. It simplicity is marveling when compared with its function. The flat light transparent sole enable easy movement of the feet, and an astonishing see through experience.

PVC Jelly Rhinestone Slippers Girls Thong Sandals KTP15005

If rhinestone is your favorite, then there is need to complement your wardrobe with a wholesale jelly sandals with bow.

PVC Jelly Diamond Ladies Rhinestone Slippers Girls Sandals KTP12017

With this amazing jelly flip flops wholesale, simplicity is conditioned to guarantees comfort. This footwear is designed with a little Heely sole base that will create the needed balancing desired by the foot.

Rhinstones Jelly Sandals for Women Lady Bowknot KTP15004

If an excellent outfit match is what you desire, then this rhinestone flip flop scandals isn’t far from what you want. It has a rich exhibition of dazzling,

Wholesale flip flops, Wholesale flip flops suppliers


Flip flops can be designed in a million ways and can perfectly make the best beach shoes for both men and women. Chinese brands around the globe selling different types of products also keep a section dedicated to printed flip flops and Hawaii slippers due to their everlasting demand. Flip flops are all-season hit and make great street style fashion around the globe. Flip flops can be manufactured in a variety of ways such as using PVC jelly, TPR soles, rubber soles, EVA soles, and more. As for flip flops trending designs, there are rhinestone flip flops, glitter flip flops, pearl flip flops, floral flip flops, ribbon flip flops, etc.


Whether you are a new flip flops wholesaler or have a $1 shop or a random products store like Miniso and Mimi stores, you wouldn’t ever have a loss by investing in cute, designer flip flops. No doubt, sneakers and women sandals are top selling shoes, but you cannot beat the need for casual slippers and flip flops. The wholesale flip flops are affordable and attract global customers from lower class to upper class based on the designs and quality. So, if you want to target a wider audience, you need to keep flip flops at your store at affordable rates. Interestingly, even if you sale out flip flops at cheap rates to customers, you still earn great profit on each sale.


What We Have To Offer?


Neonice are flip flops wholesalers manufacturing the shoes at very cheap rates. We are not just the wholesalers but manufacturers of flip flops and can customize the soles and upper of flip flops. At our factory, we produce in bulk:


  • Men’s flip flops
  • Women’s flip flops


We have a huge team of designers, employees and labor to do market research of the trendiest luxury designer brands, recreate them at low costs, perform quality checks at every step, and manufacture flip flops in bulk every day according to the wholesale orders. In fact, our wholesale flip flops are highly in-demand for the variety of designs and customer demand around the globe. We source our raw materials from China wholesale factories at affordable rates in bulk to produce high quality shoes at low rates.


Established in Guangzhou, we don’t have to ship the raw materials from across borders or cities, cutting the shipping costs of raw materials. All in all, we have really cheap flip flops inspired from luxury brands that you can private label with your brand name to give your customer a luxury feel at affordable price. Making wholesale flip flops affordable for everyone with a luxurious designer touch to it puts your new brand into a win-win situation—your customer can flaunt the luxury flip flops bought at cheap price and you make returning clients along with a nice profit margin (in spite of affordable rates).


Why Choose Neonice?


Neonice are flip flops wholesalers that are:


  • Cheap wholesale flip flops manufacturers
  • Offer complete customization
  • Offer private labelling
  • Ensure quality of shoes
  • Have small MOQ requirement
  • Wholesalers of trendiest streetstyle flip flops every season
  • Ship bulk orders within 24 hours of your order (if you select our pre-designed wholesale sandals)


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