Wholesale Anti-Slip 6cm EVA Platform DIY Crocs Women Sandals al116

Get your hands on highest quality DIY accessorized lightweight crocs women beach wear. Come in classic black and white. OEM and wholesale available.

Non-Slip EVA 6cm Platform DIY Fashion Crocs Accessories al115

These fashionable crocs are sure to steal the spotlight. Super-lightweight and comfortable for casual wear. Wholesale and OEM available

Crocs Wholesale


We are from china and working for the JieYang Neos Shoes ltd. We produce and wholesale crocs bulk to the world. Our crocs shoes have a wide range of different styles and outstanding advantages. The following is some introduction of our bulk crocs wholesale, hope it can bring you some enlightenment.


Our rubber bulk crocs 


Our rubber bulk crocs are made of natural rubber and environmentally friendly EVA raw materials and manufactured through modern science and technology. They are environmentally friendly, breathable and anti-corrosive. The soles of our rubber Crocs not only have good abrasion resistance, stretch resistance and slip resistance, but also have good elasticity; the rubber crocs upper is soft and breathable.


Our rubber crocs are very durable


Our rubber crocs are durable, comfortable to wear, anti-foot odor, reduce fatigue and benefit human health.


Wholesale custom bulk crocs


We export custom crocs to world buyers. Our custom crocs can meet the various needs of many buyers. Buyers can customize the style, performance, quality, material and price of crocs, making it the most needed shoes for a certain consumer group and realizing its economic value.


Our latest crocs 


Our latest crocs bulk are very ideal shoes. Its performance and design are excellent, beyond people’s imagination. Our crocs soles have good elasticity, which can reduce heel vibration and relieve human fatigue. Our crocs look beautiful and unique. On Crocs shoes, a small accessory, an ordinary color can be full of magical colors, attracting people’s curious eyes.


Wholesale cheap crocs


Our cheap crocs in bulk has a low price and high-end quality, it is an extremely ideal crocs shoes. The price of our crocs is only a fraction of the price of branded crocs, but its quality is comparable to that of the brand. Our cheap crocs not only has exquisite craftsmanship and exquisite appearance, but also its material density is high, and the surface is shiny and bright.


Our bulk crocs wholesale


Our crocs is a kind of shoes integrating the best industrial resources. In terms of production, our material sources, design, technology and production costs can all rely on our shoe industry chain resources to achieve the best goals. Our crocs bulk is a kind of shoes with use value and economic value, it is deeply loved by merchants and users all over the world. Although it does not have a reputable brand, its cost-effectiveness is something that the brand crocs can’t give.


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