How to Buy Shoes Cheap and Sell With a Profit?

How to Buy Shoes Cheap and Sell With a Profit?

China shoe factory

Although the pandemic impacted the footwear industry but it is still an ever-growing venture benefiting online businesses amidst COVID-19. Rather, the footwear market is worth $52 billion industry, so why not benefit from it?

With growing fashion trends, every person now owns over 20 to 30 pairs of shoes showing that the shoe market is insatiable.

Buying cheap sneakers in wholesale and selling with a profit has helped thousands to make millions during the past few years.

Benjamin Kapelushnik, only 16 year old, made excelling profit only by reselling sneakers. Imagine if you custom design your shoes or sale ‘red carpet worthy’ shoes at affordable rates (that too with your profit margin).

You can either follow the shoe trends or look for the ‘missing trend’ like the Crocs. did!

Here’s are great tips and tricks to keep in mind when you wish to buy shoes cheap and sell with a profit and from where you can source high quality trending shoes at affordable prices.

How to Buy Shoes Cheap and Sell With A Profit?

China shoe wholesale

Understand the market trends and find out the cheap wholesale shoe manufacturers or suppliers. China has mastered the art of shoe-making after backing up US shoe brands and global shoe businesses. Most China shoe industries are established in Guangzhou where raw material is accessible as well. Bulk buying china sandals or men’s dress shoes from Chinese manufacturer benefits you by having a negotiable cheaper rates per pair. It leaves you with great margin to add your profit even after paying the manufacturing and shipping costs.

Online shoe businesses started flourishing last year by leaps and bounds. Beth Marbach made over $4 million by selling online shoes instead of books. Here’s the statistics of 2020: over 2 billion people purchased both goods as well as services online during 2020 where e-retail exceeded $4.2 trillion globally.

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How to Pick the Hot-Selling Shoes to Sell Online?

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One of the best strategy when setting up you shoe brand or online shoe shop is to sell men’s and women’s shoes equally. With changing trends, men’s shoe might become the hot-sellers of your online shop compared to the women shoes you are selling.

Always get in touch with China shoe manufacturers or wholesalers who offer minimum MOQ to support your small online business. Keep one eye on the trends and the other on what you are selling to mould accordingly.

To pick the best shoes out of thousands of trending global footwear that will make your online store stand out, here’s what you should consider:

  • Your target audience—who you want to sell the shoes to (define your ideal buyers needs to the smallest details so you design the best product for them)
  • Trending Time—which shoes sell in all 4 seasons and timelessly? So, keep flip-flops, high boots, sandals, and a variety at your online store.
  • Colors & Sizes—Get in touch with professionals and those who are selling shoes to know what colors and sizes are hot-selling. However, keeping a timeless range of shoe colors such as white/blacks/gold/silver/browns/beige etc. is always a wise idea. Having bigger shoe sizes is also a great plus to target buyers who rarely find their size shoes everywhere.

Apart from that, you can use online platforms to find out what are the top-selling shoes of the year. But, do keep the timeless designs in mind for the beginning.

What’s the Downside of Targeting Hot-Selling Shoes Online?

If the shoe is available everywhere, there’s a chance your online store somehow falls back in queue. However, what should make your shoe stand out in such fierce competition is quality, comfort, and outlook. So, the buyer may repeatedly rely on your shop for future purchases.

On the contrary, you can sell unique shoes such as china jelly sandals, China traditional shoes, ethnic shoes, bohemian shoes, or anything that isn’t available everywhere. The more unique, luxurious, close-to-heart-of-the-customer the shoe is, the higher will be the interest of buyers in your online store!

How to Source Wholesale Cheap Shoes from China to Earn Profit?

Wholesale sandals China

At a glance, you can source shoes in three ways:

  • Buy Wholesale China Shoes

Bulk buying sneaker shoes from China or women’s sandals in wholesale is cheap. You can private label them if you are directly in contact with the manufacturer of the shoe. You can also buy custom-made shoes in wholesale from a shoe manufacturer. We recommend Marcusius for men’s dress shoes and Neonice for women’s footwear. Shoe designers can have custom-made women’s sandals and beachwear as well as exotic skin men’s dress shoes to have a variety at their online shop.

If you find your wholesale shoe supplier on online platforms such as Alibaba or Aliexpress etc., chances are you are not in contact with the manufacturer. Only a shoe manufacturer owning a shoe factory can customise your shoes, alter quality of shoes, and ensure comfort on insoles, and so on. Without quality, you may end not be able to win the hearts of online buyers.

  • Opt for Drop-shipping Business Online

In dropshipping shoe business, you don’t customise shoes, you don’t stock shoes, you don’t buy shoes. You are simply a marketer of someone else’s products and earn a profit for making a sale. It’s a win-win situation for both dropshipper and you if it works out and there’s not fear of ‘not making any sales’. There’s no loss you may have to bear.

However, the profit margin isn’t great, you just earn a percentage from each sale. If the dropshipper runs out of stock, your customers may remain in queue never getting anything.

It’s a great initial step to learn and understand market trends before you get into real shoe business.

  • Sell Liquidated Shoe Stocks

By the end of season or when a business wants to close, they sell everything quite cheaply. You can buy the shoes and resell them.

The liquidated shoes are very cheap and if they sell you can earn great profit. However, the downsides are great that you may not have the best trending shoes with you. You may not have all the shoe sizes for each customer. There can be quality defects in the shoes, which you can get fixed maybe or simply bear the loss.

For this option to work out for you, you shouldn’t be a newbie in the shoe selling business.

Where to Find Wholesale Shoe Supplier or Manufacturer In China?

Wholesale Shoe Supplier

Most new shoe startups make the mistake of relying on wholesale suppliers on Alibaba and Aliexpress. Many aren’t the manufacturers therefore there can be quality issues. Moreover, being only wholesale shoe sellers, they cannot customise shoes for you. To find a shoe manufacturer who is the master of the art of shoe making, visit the trade shows or find them on LinkedIn, Facebook, or online China shoe factory websites.

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You will be in contact with the professional shoe manufacturers who can control the quality of shoe materials as per your budget. They can create private label or custom-made shoes for your brand. The OEM/ODM shoe manufacturers sometimes also offer minimum MOQ per pair for new businesses.

We at Neonice can make your dream to design women’s footwear, particularly slides, jelly sandals, platform sandals and more, come true.

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