A Complete Guide to Selecting China Shoe Manufacturer and Importing Footwear

A Complete Guide to Selecting China Shoe Manufacturer and Importing Footwear


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Now that the prototype designs are with you, the next step is to find the right shoe manufacturer.

The foremost concern must be to decide China shoe manufacturers or local shoe manufacturers.

No matter what, China has been always the largest world-wide manufacturing base for footwear industry since 1990s. Whether you wish your store to be the next Nike or Adidas, you can rely on China shoe manufacturers as they are the ones who are still manufacturing high-quality shoes for the biggest brands around the globe.

In fact, revenue of China shoe industry has taken a leap by 8.4% from 2014 to 2019, to reach $52.4 billion. And, the revenue in footwear market in 2020 amounts to about $66,102 million so far!

What to Expect from China Shoe Manufacturers?


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The China shoes factory manufactures PVC plastic shoes, rubber shoes, leather shoes, and textile shoes. From dress shoes to sandal manufacturers, China’s footwear industry is really vast and versatile.

Rather, around 70% of shoes sold in the U.S. are manufactured in China, reveals the reports of Footwear Distributors & Retailers of America. China footwear industry organization has over 500 members, including Steven Madden, Crocs, Walmart, and Nike.

Therefore, you cannot doubt China’s ability to manufacture high-end footwear products. Your task is to find reliable and best shoe manufacturers in China.

How to Find China Shoe Manufacturers or Suppliers?

The reality may hit you hard, but finding the best shoe industry is quite a challenging task. Especially, if you are new in the shoe trade and don’t have enough connections, it can be hard to find a reliable factory to work with.

Secondly, it’s imperative to determine what you are exactly looking for. For example, if you want to connect with China wholesale shoe suppliers or custom/private shoe manufacturers in China.

Thirdly, what kind of shoe manufacturers or wholesale distributers you are looking for?

Sometimes, wholesale distributers help you find reliable and affordable shoe manufacturers and handle the entire manufacturing process for you.

Here are a few ways to find a good and reliable China shoe manufacturer:

  1. Have Designer Contacts:

If your prototypes are developed by professional and experienced shoe designers or footwear developers, then they must have several contacts in the footwear industry already. A footwear designer often works with several brands and shoe factories during his whole career. So, there is a chance that you will find some reliable shoe manufacturers via designer’s personal contacts.

  1. Search On the Internet:

The best way to find anything is Google. Search for China shoe manufacturers or specifically for leather shoe manufacturers in China or ladies slipper manufacturers in China. Another way is to contact the suppliers on Alibaba. Although the research can get hectic, but you need to dig deeper to find the best wholesalers or manufacturer from China.

  1. Try Looking on Social Media Sites and Attend Trade Shows:

Most China footwear manufacturers are on LinkedIn.com, Faebook.com, Malakye.com and Coroflot.com. The footwear world is a huge network of associates, friends, and acquaintances. Connecting with a single member in the shoe trade can help you connect with others smoothly.

There are several China manufacturer trade shoes, especially for shoes, textile, and other wholesale suppliers, manufacturers and retailers to connect with each other.

  1. Look for Footwear Agents or Suppliers:

Another great way to find a reliable factory and reduce the hassle is not to look for the shoe manufacturers. Instead, look for a trading company or footwear agent who can find the right fit factory for you and present your products to them.

Should I Work With a Footwear Agent?


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There are both pros and cons to working with a footwear agent. As footwear agents are working with multiple emerging shoe brands, it’s important to sigh a few confidentiality agreements with the agent to protect your information from competitor’s eye.

The agent will demand monthly product development and management fees that you will have to bear.

However, the agent will reduce the hassle of directly connecting with various shoe manufacturers asking for samples and negotiating the costs, etc.

How to Choose the Right China Footwear Supplier?


It’s obvious to not blindly trust every other shoe manufacturer; there are several considerations to focus on while finding the best China wholesale shoe manufacturer:

  1. Quality Standards Reports:

Professional China shoe manufacturers have the quality test reports to share with their customers. For example, you can ask about Sedex audit reports, ISO 9001 certificates, ISO 14001 certificates, Lab test reports (ASTM or REACH), and also the BSCI audit reports.

  1. Specifications of the Products:

Customer satisfaction is every seller’s dream. And in shoe industry, it’s the most crucial standard to be met. Because if your shoes aren’t comfortable high-quality, and worth investing, there wouldn’t be any returning buyers.

Therefore, whether it’s customized shoe manufacturer or designer China shoes you are investing in, it is important to ask about a few product specifications:

  • Upper shoe material
  • Insole material
  • Outsole material
  • Insole thickness
  • Pantone colors
  • Lining material
  • Size range
  • Anti-slip/waterproof/other specifications

Even when asking for sample shoe with your provided specifications, the costs can build up. Yet, it’s the most important step to ensure quality standards are being met by your dream products!

  1. Packaging of the Products:

Although overlooked, it’s an important consideration when importing footwear oversees. Because packaging matters as much as the product itself. Therefore, ask the providers about following packaging specifications as well:

  • Dimensions
  • Design and Layout
  • Printing Style (embossed or engraved)
  • Carton material
  • Surface finish (glossy or matt lamination)
  • Surface and inner paper
  • Inner bags


  1. Custom Design Options:

Not every shoe manufacturer offers custom-designed shoes. However, you can find different custom design options such as:

  • Private Label Custom Shoe Providers (ODM):

Usually footwear factories offer a variety of standard models. You have the freedom to adjust the logos, insole, colors, and materials of the shoe as per your demand.

The benefit of ODM shoe manufacturers is that you don’t have to create a personalised shoe design from the scratch. The costs of shoe designers and product managers are saved if you find your product pre-made with an ODM shoe provider.

Sandalmanufacturers are also ODM supplier offering wholesale ladies fashion shoes in China. So, if you are looking for a ODM sandal manufacturer for women and kids, you can check out our catalogue of pre-made products and get the customizations done as per your preferences.

  • Custom Design:

If you are a shoe designer yourself or wish to create a completely customised shoe brand, you will have to provide Design files, Logo files, Pantone color codes, and Bills of Materials to professional suppliers who deal with your desired shoe industry.

  1. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ):

Usually China shoe manufacturers have a certain MOQ requirement, between 1,000 to 2,000 pairs. And most of the times, this standard MOQ is per shoe model, along with the option to buy different sizes shoes (for example 300 to 400 pairs per size).

However, if you have a small scale businesses or a startup with average investment range, you can look for traders who can offer smaller volumes. This can be as low as 50 pairs per model.

But, unfortunately, these traders are simply supplying items from the local China market, which cannot satisfy the quality standards you might be looking for in your branded shoes. Plus, the customization option isn’t available.

  1. Shipping Charges:

By far, the most important and expensive decision is to evaluate the shipping charges. Because shoes don’t arrive by airlines. So, check with the shoe manufacturers about the shipping costs and compare them to make a final decision according to your budget.

Are You Looking for China Sandal Manufacturers? Work With Us!


China Sandal Manufacturers 


At Neonice sandal manufacturers, we have specialised sandal production technology experts that produce EVA, PU, PVC, TPR, rubber and plastic ladies and kid’s shoes.

Since its inception in 2008, Neonice sandal manufacturers has been handling global clients and produces around 10 million ladies sandals each year.

The popularity of jelly shoes, PVC slides, flip flops and slippers has created a huge customer demand for these fashionable shoes. What we ensure is quality and comfort along with design and color perfection.

Instead of buying wholesale sandals from China traders, you can avail the option of ODM customization to add a private label to the available shoe designs in our catalogue.

Not only that, we offer custom design options to our clients as well. Share your designs with us of custom sandals, flip flops, and slippers, and we’d take care of the rest. Even if you don’t have a design at hand, but wish for a unique product; you can provide us with a general sketch of the design in your mind that we will perfect with our manufacturing process.

We also offer fast delivery of your bulk orders and can accept small orders. But, first you need to contact us with the details.

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