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8 Top Selling Wholesale Rhinestone Sandals In 2021


Rhinestone bling sandals are hot sellers around the globe and provide a perfect pick to start your wholesale footwear business. However, finding reliable and cheap rhinestone wholesalers & manufacturers in China can be a hefty task.


No doubt, women love wearing the bling, the sparkle, and glitter of rhinestone slides and sandals.


Bulk buying the bling slides online from Chinese suppliers is definitely cheaper and a bang for your bucks.


Women rhinestone candy sandals, outdoor flats, fur-rhinestone slides, and flip flops look absolutely luxurious and are comfortable. The lightweight and affordable diamante studded slippers are a wardrobe essential of women around the globe. Not only are they worn in indoor spaces, but they make great beach footwear. The slippers with comfortable soles are ideal slippers for lounging around on weekends, to run errands, or be used for bathroom.


Yet, what’s need to be kept in mind is comfort and quality of the shoe. If you are setting up a new wholesale or retail women footwear brand, you must win the trust of your customer by providing excellent quality sole shoes at cheap rates. On top of comfort and softness of insole and anti-slip grip of outsole, investing in the latest trending rhinestone wholesale shoes will bring in huge profits. To stay up-to-date with changing trends, women invest in latest seasonal slides, boots and sandals that are replicas of luxury brands designs. With your new shoe brands set up, you can create a win-win situation by working with Neonice, read on.


Why Rhinestone Slides Are Top Sellers In 2021?


Inspired from the trending bling stilettoes and rhinestone sandals on luxury brands, rhinestone high heels and slip ons have become a hot-selling summer fashion. The glittery rhinestone sandals seen on the red carpet, celebrity studded events, and cultural festivities to complement the extravagance of the occasions adds to the demand for rhinestone slides and sandals. Apart from celebrities, Instagram influencers promote lavish and blingy holographic reflective, studded, and rhinestone fancy sandals to inspire women around the globe. Ultimately, selling glitter slide sandals in wholesales wouldn’t be a loss for your online or local shoe brand.


Why Bulk Buy Rhinestone Wholesale Sandals from China?


China footwear industry has been a backbone for many international footwear brands around the globe. Additionally, Chinese wholesale men and women shoes are always trending globally in local markets made available at cheap rates. Chinese source raw materials from within the hub of shoe industries and labor costs are quite cheap that makes the bulk production cost of ladies fashion footwear quite cheap with great quality.


If you source your glitter slide sandals in wholesale from China, here’s what you benefit from:

  • Cheap rhinestone sandals manufacturing cost
  • Great profit margins
  • Private labeling to promote your brand
  • Customization of insole, outsole, upper material to manage cost within your budget
  • Premium quality genuine material used
  • Mostly luxury designer brand inspired women sandals and slides are produced in wholesale
  • Excellent market research to bulk produce sandals and slides with huge customer demand
  • Customization of personal shoe designs available


However, when you get in touch with a Chinese wholesale shoe supplier, ensure that the suppliers are real manufacturers of the shoe to get minimal costs and customization options. A China wholesaler mostly isn’t able to alter the quality, design, label, or size the shoe which can badly impact your long-term branding.


8 Top Selling Wholesale Rhinestone Sandals of 2021


At Neonice, sandal manufacturers, you can find the best rhinestone slide sandals that are inspired from luxury designer brands. Check out our wide range of rhinestone flip flops, flats, slides, sandals, high heels, platforms, and fur slides here.


  1. Dollar Print Rhinestone Slides


Women are raving about these bling luxury slides with dollar print on it. With a reflective twist to it, the dollar print indoor women slides are becoming great social media sensation this year. We recommend you to invest in these wholesale dollar rhinestone luxury slip ons to make them available locally. These fashionable rhinestone slippers have super comfortable soles and are made from high quality rubber to put minimum pressure on joints.  Check out the details here.


  1. Snake Print Rhinestone Slides


Animal prints are timeless fashion and snake prints are in vogue. Without using the animal skin or leather, the vegan-only customers would love to show-off the gorgeous snake prints complemented with rhinestones. These rhinestone slides in wholesale will bring in huge profits and gonna be customer favorite all year round. Check the details here.


  1. Tropical Leaf Rhinestone Slides


Hitting the right balance between beach fashion and party bling, these rhinestone sparkle slides are heart thieves. These comfortable, lightweight and anti-slip stylish slides in wholesale will cost you cheap and bring in huge sales throughout the year. Check the details here.


  1. Zebra Print Rhinestone Slides


A blend of animal print, transparent patterned strap, and rhinestone bling, these wholesale rhinestone slide sandals are another hot sellers. Wholesale and retail women summer shoes sellers are ordering in bulk due to great customer demand. With excellent quality assurance, these fashionable slides are definitive eye-catchers. Check the details here.


  1. Tie-Dye Rhinestone Dual Strap Slides


Another of our favorite and season’s top sellers, these dual strap slides are comfortable and lightweight for outdoor errands. Sure to attract bohemian clients, you need to add these bling slippers to your shop. Check out the details here.


  1. Rainbow Rhinestone Rubber Slides


For a funky, streetstyle, hip hop style, these tie-dye rainbow slides with rhinestone sparkle are a show-stoppers. Rainbow slides have taken the internet by storm this year and are sure to bring in customers to your new ladies brand set up. Bulk buy rainbow rhinestone slippers here.


  1. Multicolored Snake Print Rhinestone Slides

One of the hit trend of the year are multicolored snake print bags and sandals. Absolutely luxurious and comfortable, these rhinestone slides can be paired with matching multicolored snake printed leather bags to attract wider customer. This one pairs well with any outfit, these slides are sure to spike up your sales. Check the details here.


  1. Rhinestone Rainbow Classic Slides


Classic slides with a rainbow bling twist, these ones have the holographic reflective touch that was another top fashion this year. Inspired from luxury fashion statements, these rhinestone slides in wholesale will cost you less yet bring in great profit on every sale. Check the details here.


Get in touch with us to private label our hot-selling rhinestone wholesale slide sandals or customize them as per your preferences. Contact here.


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