5 Herculean Challenges Shoe Manufacturers Face In 2020

5 Herculean Challenges Shoe Manufacturers Face In 2020

In 2020, with growing urbanization and constant shift in consumer choices, footwear and clothing markets are equally affected. Latest female sandal designs, high heels, and men’s wear in the shoe industry particularly is a call for the wholesale shoe manufacturers to be prepared for the challenges.

D’Wayne Edwards, the founder of Pensole Footwear Design Academy quotes the new priorities shoe and sandal manufacturers need to set at a global scale:

“Brands will need to pay attentionto three things:

  1. Investin your current and future employees instead of waiting for them to be ready to contribute or be hired when you need them;
  2. Focus on defining ways to talk to your consumers differently so you can make emotional connections to increase consumer loyalty;
  3. Be innovative in how you control your revenue destiny. If you continue to rely on a product to help you grow, you won’t.”

All in all, the three factors of a manufacturing industry such as employers, customers, and products need to be catered to and upgraded with global trends.

In terms of shoe manufacturing industry, China has been a leading shoe manufacturer working for US based brands for years. Chinese manufacturers are well-adapted to the challenges faced by footwear industry at present and are wholesale bulk shoe manufacturers. Check out our top industries at sandalmanufacturers.com and chinashoemanufaturers.com.

5 Herculean Challenges Faced By Footwear Industry:

  1. Fast-Paced Global Urbanization:

According to a study Footwear Consumer 2030, the percentage of global urbanization will increase from 51 to 60 percent. Therefore, shoe manufacturers have to face the greatest challenge of growing urbanization of the developing countries and catering to the growing consumer demand. For example, Chinese manufacturers do not simply operate worldwide but produce cheap wholesale Chinese sandals and shoes that are affordable for the residents. Due to cheap labor costs and high production units, they are among the leading wholesale shoe manufacturers that can produce shoes in large quantities for global and local brands.

To find a reliable Chinese manufacturer, you can either look up online, attend International fairs and contact them in person. For shoe manufacturers planning to set up menswear, China ladies sandals, or kidswear, contact us at sandalmanufacturers.com and chinashoemanufacturers.com for wholesale custom shoe manufacturing and minimal MOQ for trial shoes.

  1. Changing Consumer Demand:

Shoe manufacturers have to cater to changing customer demands as well as the variety of shoes in demand. As Salvatore Ferragamo, Creative Director of Women’s Collections emphasizes that


“We are going to see luxury brands begin to re-examine the digital landscape and pivot from a once-product-centric model to one that is consumer-centric.”

Shoe manufacturers need to adapt to the demands of consumers over time. Not only adapt to the changing fashion trends but also ensure comfort and quality of material they are investing in. With great competition in the global market, a design that stands out needs great consideration.

For example, Chinese jelly sandals are a popular trend in global market that brings shoe retailers attention to either solely create a brand around it or add it as a variety in their shops. With growing demand for shower slippers, flip flops, and beach sandals, Chinese slipper designs stand out in terms of variety, color variations, and much more creating a market of its own. In fact, for new shoe retailers or businessmen, Chinese ladies slippers and sandals are a great and diverse opportunity to create a brand out of it. Similar to crocs making a brand of itself, Chinese flip flops and jelly shoes bring forward a great opportunity for new shoe retailers. Contact us if you wish to explore your chances in Chinese ladies sandals business.

  1. Delays In Supply Chain:

Shoe manufacturing is connected with timely provision of raw materials such as genuine leather, synthetic leather, textile, and much more. When the manufacturers are private label shoe manufacturers, they have to contact dealers that provide private labels, buttons, sewing materials, foam for inner lining, etc. A single delay in delivery of any item creates a chaos and the manufacturers have to handle the orders smartly.

In advanced shoe manufacturing factories, the emphasis on quality is a prominent factor where better intelligence in supply chain is expected. However, on the other end, retailers don’t wish the production cost to increase which makes it challenging for the manufacturer to keep production costs minimal while quality maximum. China manufacturers are renowned for low production costs due to cheap labor and local availability of raw materials. Moreover, over time, the growing popularity of Chinese manufacturers in most of the industries is an undeniable fact.

  1. Latest Designs and Production:

Shoe manufacturers have to stay abreast of latest designs and trends too. Sneaker might be popular one day and Dress shoes in animal skins can become popular the next season. Although changes are seasonal or yearly, but its necessary to upgrade designs every season and month. Therefore, retailers as well as shoe manufacturers have to have shoe designers that create innovative designs based on customer demand in present. In fact, no matter how single-product based a brand is, the variety of designs is a great catch for customers.

For example, a brand working on Chinese ladies jelly shoes can have a million ways to present the ‘new trend’. Clear jelly shoes, clear PVC shoes, glittery jelly shoes, and laser cut designs and in the form of booties, sandals, beach shoes, flip flops, crocs and much more. Rather, we at sandalmanufacturers can help you design shoes for your upcoming brand in a fantastic way by engaging our shoe designers with you. We are here to help you take your business to new heights.

  1. Environmental Hazard:

No matter what industry operates around the world, pollution hazard is imminent. Trying out eco-friendly ways of production to manufacture new footwear is a constant endeavour. Toxic discharge into the lakes and seas causing health hazard to aquatic life is an undeniable and unfortunate fact. It’s one of the biggest challenge faced by shoe manufacturers as well which they cannot avoid especially when dealing with synthetic materials. However, with growing awareness, many manufacturers are upgrading the production processes to avoid being a part of pollution.

Final Verdict:

Shoe manufacturers are prone to multiple challenges and risk when it comes to manufacturing wholesale shoes at reasonable costs and in bulk quantities. Quality and quantity both need to be maintained and kept up to the mark. And, most importantly, customer demand and production quantity needs to be followed up as well.


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