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10 Top Selling Wholesale Slides in 2021


Selling top-trending shoes in wholesale locally is one of the most profitable business—especially if you invest in designer inspired wholesale slides from China. Setting up a women shoe business? Here’s what you should invest in.


Inspired from Korean fashion industry, China wholesalers manufacture the most luxurious and trending slides to source global wholesale markets. As luxurious as are the designer shoes, Chinese manufacturers and wholesalers manufacture top quality sandals, sneakers and slides.


Working with Chinese footwear manufacturers lets you source highest quality shoes for your brands, shoe startups, or wholesale markets.


Why China is the best shoe manufacturer in the world? Why you should source China shoes for your start up? Which slides are the trendiest to sell in 2021? We have done complete market research to source your new online or local women footwear business that’s gonna bring in great profits for sure. Read on.


Why You Should Work With Chinese Manufacturers In 2021?


China manufacturers are dominating in a lot of industries be it tech, toys, shoes, fashion, home décor, and more. Alibaba.com connects you with many wholesaler selling a wide range of products related to fashion and tech industry. Moreover, Chinese footwear industry is known for sourcing high end brands such as Nike, Anta, Peak, Hawx, Justin Boots, Hush Puppies, Kenneth Cole, Naturalizer, and more.


Startups from all industries prefer to work with Chinese manufacturers found through Alibaba, aliexpress, or trade shows because of affordable costs for bulk orders. Chinese industries source the raw materials from within China that reduces the overall product manufacturing costs. Moreover, multiple China shoe manufacturers are working with luxury shoe brands for years to create hot-selling and most trendy footwear for the fashion industry.


Reasons why you must pick China manufacturers over other countries are:

  • Raw materials are manufactured in China
  • Cheap labor costs
  • Bulk production capacity
  • High experienced labor
  • Quality assurance
  • Market research
  • Perfect recreation of trendiest and hot-selling shoes
  • Low manufacturing costs
  • Huge profit margin


Are Women Slides In Bulk Profitable Addition For Your Brand?


With an intensive market research and unique shoe designs or top selling wholesale shoes, you can earn great profits. To be at the top of your shoe selling game, you have to sale what the customer likes. Once your target audience is decided, pick the shoes according to her tastes—be it bling, prints, or comfort. For example, middle aged women prefer comfort and minimalism over funky designs. Bohemians prefer colors and teenagers prefer floral, vibrant, summer prints. By working with sandal manufacturers, you will be saved from market research as we source our shoes to footwear wholesalers and retailers globally. We have professional shoe designers who create timeless, classic, funky, luxurious and upbeat designs while the manufacturers ensure to use top quality raw materials for optimum comfort. Due to low manufacturing costs in bulk, we can offer high quality slide sandals in best prices. Sandal manufacturers are certified Chinese footwear sandals factory to source global footwear markets.


Top 10 Trendiest Slides You Can Blindly Invest In To Spike Your Sales


Here are the top selling slides that the best shoe manufacturing companies in China are selling in bulk:


  1. Dollar Print Rhinestone Slides

Absolutely luxurious, attractive, and bling, these rhinestone slides have been a huge hit among the social media influencers. Don’t you wish to add some rhinestone slides wholesale to your display to attract social media influencers in your vicinity to indirectly advertise these bling slides? The anti-slip and comfortable PVC slides will win hearts for the ease they offer throughout the day. Buy dollar glitter slide sandals in wholesale and sell them at affordable rates to make your online or local shoe brand a hit within days. These come in trendiest of pastel pink, black and white colors, we have these here.


  1. Leopard Rhinestone Dual Strap Slides

Animal prints are timeless luxuries that when combined with ease become the most-worn shoes. These designer inspired leopard slides will become the talk of the town within days. These have been another major hit among our business clients around the world. Be the first to introduce these women slides in bulk to have great sales this summer. Check these out here.


  1. Holographic Butterfly Jelly Slides

These will be a bang for your bucks with the trendiest holographic butterfly and beach side jelly slides combo. Waterproof and non-slip PVC base adds to the comfort and style of the jelly slides. If you have a wholesale slides business, you need to add these as they were another big hit in 2021 among our clients. Check them out here.


  1. Floral Strap Stylish Slides

Women who have a soft corner for floral prints would fall for these. Perfect to be matched with summer, beach or party wear dresses, these slides are perfect for party wear and casual wear. Get these women slides in bulk for branding your business and you’d surely attract huge traffic from your potential customers, we bet. Check out the prints here. You can also customize the prints and designs with sandal manufacturers.


  1. Tropical Print Rhinestone Slides

Tropical and floral prints are popular in home interiors, attires, accessories, and shoe designs. If you are looking for the trendiest of slides to showcase in your shoe store, you need to get these. These rhinestone slides in wholesale will be really affordable and will leave a great profit margin for you to earn with each sale. Check them out here.


  1. Tie Dye Fur Slides

Fur slides and tie dye are the trendiest of fashions since last year, which helped our clients to make great sales recently. If you have a store promoting vibrant tie dye prints, you need to get these cozy and comfy slides. We use premium quality fur and comfortable PVC soles to put minimum pressure on knee joints. Private label these, brand them, put these on your ad banners and see what huge profits you will reap. Check out pretty slides here.


  1. Aurora Galactic Rhinestone Slides

The charm of aurora borealis is real and so it is for these exquisite slides. Not only are these comfortable to wear but the rhinestone slides are sure to attract gazes for the customers. Perfect for the clients to show off what they invest in, these show stopper glitter slide sandals wholesale will lead your customers to recommend you. Don’t you want that? Check these out here.


  1. Rainbow Tie Dye Slides

Our rainbow slides have been another popular slides for the party freaks, music lovers, bohemians, and social media influencers. These premium quality slides feel lightweight and soft under the feet, the customer can wear them through summers to winters. You can customize the color dyes or pick any for bulk orders from here.


  1. Snake Print Rhinestone Slides

Add these snake print bling rhinestone slides with matching crossbody bags to your store. Snake prints are trending since last year and what could be better than adding slippers and bags to the store. You can also explore snake print heels or customize any sandals to snake print soles. Check the variety here.


  1. Graffiti Print Tie Dye Slides

Popular not only among the graffiti artists and fashion industry, these unique, quirky slides are for the fashion-forward class. If your target audience is someone who loves wearing unique, different outfits, you need to get these fashion slides in bulk. Check out our graffiti slides here.


Contact sandalmanufacturers here to ship your favorite picks to be shipped to you at cheap rates for bulk orders.




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