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10 Rhinestone Sandals Wholesale Manufacturers From China

Wholesale fur slides

The history of shoes dates back to as long as the existence of humanity. Just like clothes, shoes are also one of the basic necessities of human beings. But shoes weren’t always like they are today. From being a means to protect feet from hurting to a way to complement the outfit, shoes have come a long way. Recently the fur sandals have been making waves in the fashion industry. If you are a retailer and looking for Chinese fur sandals wholesale suppliers from China, you have landed at the right place.


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China Shoemaking Industry – A Brief Insight

Wholesale fur sandals

From being one of the poorest countries to the richest now, China has come a long way. The fact that China exports goods all over the world has a key role to play in the success of the country in terms of trade. For many years, the Chinese footwear industry has maintained the top position and till today it ranks number one on the list of top shoe manufacturers and exporters. In the year 2016, the Chinese footwear market had sales worth $56.7 billion and the sales continued even during the pandemic as well although at a slower pace. But since the world is slowly coming back to normal, the trade has also picked up.


Fur Sandals – Exports, Wholesale Suppliers & Everything You Need To Know


wholesale fur slides in bulk

Fur sandals have taken the world by storm over the last few years. From celebrities like Jenifer Aniston and Meghan Fox to the common people, everybody has jumped on the fur slides bandwagon. The reason behind their success is their affordable prices and a high comfort level that comes with a style factor to it. With high demand comes an increase in sales as well as exports.


If you are a retailer and looking to get your hands on wholesale fur slides in bulk, you must do some research beforehand. As you will be reselling products, you would want to make sure you get the best profit rates. To achieve that, you must find wholesale fur slides that align with your customer needs, are of top quality, and at the same time give a high mark-up.


If you are a shoe enthusiast who wants to include fur slippers in your collection, you can also take advantage of the wholesale fur sandals resources. This way you get to include your favorite shoes in your wardrobe at a discounted price.

Whether you are a shoe retailer who is looking to add some trendy faux fur slides to your inventory or a shoe enthusiast who is looking to add some trendy fur slides to your wardrobe, you will find some amazing Chinese wholesale shoe companies.




We have made things easier for you. Here is a list of top Chinese fur sandals wholesale suppliers for you to get your hands on wholesale faux fur slippers:


1- Sandal Manufacturers


A growing name, Sandal manufacturers in China aim to support small to medium-sized businesses. They are a popular private label shoe brand and offer customization of bulk orders at affordable rates. Specialize in women’s shoes especially fur slides, Sandal manufacturers is an ideal place to get wholesale fur slides in bulk.


2- Alibaba


Alibaba is a name that needs no introduction today in the world of retailers and the export industry. It is a respectable name and offers a humongous variety of products on its website making it a one-stop shop for all the products in the world and has suppliers from all over the China mainland. Alibaba offers you a 30-day return policy and is free to join.


3- Aliexpress


Aliexpress is another popular wholesale supplier that hails from China. The name emerged on the surface a few years ago and since then its popularity has only increased. The reason is the huge variety of products and that too at a discounted price. With a 24/7 help center service and a protection plan for the buyers, Aliexpress offers a great shopping experience.


4- Global Sources


Based in Hong Kong since 1970, the company is the host to China Sourcing Fairs and is one of the largest wholesale companies in China. These fairs are one of their kind trade fairs where potential buyers and sellers meet together. If you are not willing to attend trade fairs you can also find some great connections on their website. The site has a pool of sellers; some of which offer large orders only while some offer to send over samples as well.




If you are based outside China, this platform is the best for you to find fur slides wholesale vendors as it connects international buyers with Chinese suppliers. They have a user-friendly website where you can search for keywords and look for the appropriate products to order. This site provides immense options for both retailers as well as individuals.




This platform is great for small and medium-sized Chinese brands that are looking for potential buyers. DH gate has an app as well that offers low prices as compared to the website on specific products. This website also offers plenty of discounts and coupons for its buyers. The sellers on the DH Gate also offer free delivery on certain items. Their low prices and grab-worthy wholesale deals have made this platform a befitting option to order wholesale fur slippers.




A popular M2B bulk wholesale brand in China, Global market connects international buyers with Chinese manufacturers. Having being passed the GMC test, there is no doubt in the quality of the products available on this website.




HKTDC stands for Hong Kong Trade Development Council. Known as one of the most trustworthy online wholesale market with over 13000 suppliers, HKTDC is not a wholesale platform but also an organization that works to promote economic growth in Hong Kong by organizing exhibitions, fairs and conferences.


9- 1688

This platform is mainly for Chinese customers as the website is in Chinese language. But the website offers the option to translate into English language as well. Customers with US currency can also make the purchases of cheap wholesale fur slides here.


10- DIY Trade


Founded in 1999 and having over 5 million products on the website at present, DIY Trade claims itself as the product directory of China. Not only this, it is also known as one of the most trustworthy and popular B2B platform for trading.








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